Where to Stay: Westcord Art Hotel Amsterdam

Where to Stay: Westcord Art Hotel Amsterdam

Where to Stay: Westcord Art Hotel Amsterdam

Hey world travelers & jetsetters!! I hope you all are having fun planning your next getaways! I am exciting to be writing my first post for my Amsterdam Travel Experience section. I will be reviewing our hotel stay! All things related to Amsterdam will be in this section of my blog.  I will have a travel guide and an Amsterdam side trip guide too! There are alot of amazing trips close or within the vicinity of of Amsterdam so definitely stay tuned!

westcord art hotelwestcord art hotel

This post I will be reviewing over our stay at the Westcord Art Hotel Amsterdam near the center of Amsterdam! When looking for a hotel, we look for affordability and location as well as a good reviews. This hotel met those requirements! We stayed at this hotel for 3 night nights and it was wonderful! Our stay coincided with a dutch holiday weekend for so availability of rooms for alot of hotels in the area was a bit tight, but we were happy we found this hidden gem!

Travel Tip: Check our travel dates against national holidays of the country you are visiting!


~First Impression~

Upon entering Westcord Art Hotel Amsterdam, the workers were very friendly and asked if this was our first time in Amsterdam. We told him yes!  He immediately told us everything we needed to know about the area and what to see and how to catch the bus to the center. He was super sweet & nice and had the cutest accent! When you look up Westcord Art Hotel, you will see they have a few different hotels. The Westcord Art Hotel Amsterdam 3 Star & 4 Star are the same location but separated in two different areas. The room I was in was the 3 star and it was quite lovely! I did walk over to the other section and it was very artsy too but obviously I did not see inside the rooms.

westcord art hotelwestcord art hotel


westcord art hotelThe décor of the entire hotel definitely lived up to its name- very artsy and modern in style! There were all sorts of art pieces throughout the hotel. In general, Amsterdam is a very modern style city…think IKEA! I absolutely loved this aspect! Everything seemed so new! From the lounge areas to the elevators to the rooms nothing looked old. Theyreception always had fresh ice cold water to drink and sofas to lounge and computers to use.

westcord art hotel

westcord art hotel

westcord art hotel


The rooms were just as artsy as the rest of the hotel but still felt relaxing! I did not feel that the décor was too busy to where I did not feel relaxed after a day of touring. Everything about the room was simple yet modern. One thing to know is the room size is smaller than most American hotels. This was a common comment made by many reviewers of a lot of hotels in Amsterdam. We actually stayed one night at a different hotel our first night in Amsterdam and it was the same exact size as this hotel room. We did not feel that it was uncomfortably small where you could not move but it was smaller than what we are use to in America.

Travel Tip: If size is important to you, look up the measurements of a room that you booked in the past that you liked and compare it to a room that you book in Europe.


westcord art hotelwestcord art hotelwestcord art hotelThe AC worked well and the window does hatch open if you want fresh air! There was a bottle of water and coffee maker in the room as well that my husband took advantage of. The bathrooms were well lit and clean with amenities that you would find at any hotel. They did provide a wash cloth but it is not the typical wash cloth that most Americans think of. In general, you do not find wash clothes in Europe from our travel experiences. I always bring my own. Check out my International Travel Essentials post here!

westcord art

~Breakfast ~

Breakfast buffet was excellent! They had a full hot & cold breakfast buffet that was quite nice. You had all options from different breads, jams, meats, eggs, bacon, yogurt, cereal, fruits- you name it! They also have the traditional dutch beans. I had noticed from our 1st hotel  and this one that the dutch eat beans for breakfast that is similar to the American baked beans. I liked them but it is typically not my preferred choice for breakfast. They also had fresh squeeze juices. They were so good! They had both orange juice and tropical juice! I always drank about 4 or 5 glasses because they were that good! Also they have coffee and cappuccino. You can eat indoors or outside which is where we preferred. It is so beautiful outside!

westcord art hotel

westcord art hotelwestcord art hotelwestcord art hotelwestcord art hotel


~Restaurant ~

They also have a full bar and restaurant at the hotel which stays open until 10pm. This is definitely a plus since there are not any good food options within walking distance of the hotel. We had dinner at the hotel one evening after a long day touring. The food was good. We did not have drinks/liquor, but there were many guests at the bar every night! The price of the items they served were pretty reasonable too. The had all options from burgers to salads. The bartenders were very nice and funny as well which attributed more to the nice atmosphere!


westcord art hotelwestcord art hotelwestcord art hotelwestcord art hotel

~Location ~

So the location is not in the center of Amsterdam but a 10 min drive to the center. We both walked to the bus stop that takes you to the center which was about a 6 minute walk on the same side as the hotel. the sto is called Oostzaanstraat. We also did uber ride to the center (Central train station) which cost no more than 10 euros… I think it was 7 euros to be exact. The hotel is located not too far from another train called Station Sloterdijk. Upon arrival to Amsterdam Airport we arrived at this train station from the station connected to the airport. It is a 6 minute drive from Sloterdijk to Westcord Art Hotel.  As I mentioned previously, there is not a whole lot to see on the street where the hotel was located but that did not bother us. We like how nice and quiet the area was. There is a public pool that is right behind the hotel. I thought it was part of the pool but a worker told me it was separate for a small charge. There were many people in the pool because we were fortunate enough to be in Amsterdam during great weather!

westcord art hotelwestcord art hotel

westcord art hotel

I hope you enjoyed this review! We loved our stay here and do see ourselves staying here again in the future! I hope definitely consider staying at the Westcord Art Hotel Amsterdam for your next visit to Amsterdam! The amenities are great, friendly staff, great location and price!

*Sponsored posts/Product reviews- I have received products/compensation/services for blog posts, but the thoughts, feelings and opinions written in each post are absolutely 100% my own with no outside influences!

Stay fresh & FIERCELY you!

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    August 10, 2017 / 6:33 PM

    This is such a great post, and amazing hotel. Love that they have such great service, and offer a lot of amenities!! Thanks for sharing!!

    • January 24, 2018 / 4:00 PM

      Thanks so much for the note! Yes this hotel is quite awesome!


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