Top 14 Must Have Travel Essentials 2021

Top 14 Must Have Travel Essentials 2021

Top 14 Must Have Travel Essentials 2021

Hey Travel Lovers! Ready to see which items made my top 14 must have travel essentials 2021?! It has been such a long year right! If you are like me you are itching to really travel enjoy beautiful destinations. For those of you who follow me on Instagram, you know during the pandemic I primarily focused on Texas road trips which did not require me to get on a plane. But now I will be traveling my plane soon and needed to look at essentials in this new travel world. Below are 14 travel essentials 2021 you must have! Also I am listing out a few of my favorite past travel essentials that I still use and still very beneficial for traveling today. Shop my airport look below! Use code FFFierce15 for 15% off!



For me getting on my first flight will be a little anxious. I am sure the Airlines are striving to follow COVID protocols with cleanliness but you can never be too sure. So I discovered disposable seat covers for planes and trains! There are a few different ones floating around, but I love these due to the great reviews on being sturdy and they come with the arm covers too.

According to reviews, they fit seats perfectly making some feel safe and comfortable knowing that regardless of the cleanliness of the airline they would still shielded. The downsize with all sites is they only come in a 2 pack so you have for departure and the return. But you have to factor multi- flight trips like what I do when I go to Europe. I am on like 4 -6 different planes in a single trip not including trains and long haul buses. So again with the sturdiness of this cover, they are reusable.

So if you have a connecting flight before arriving to your destination, you could remove and fold covers into a bag and use for the next flight and then dispose. For those who fly first class or business class where the seats can lay down, then order these Business Class Flat seat covers for those flights.


With disinfecting still being a regular practice, accumulating trash while traveling has increased. For me being on planes, I usually always have hand wipes, tissue and facial wipes that I need to dispose and always have it kept in a corner on the floor until it the final trash call before landing. I always felt I needed a little trash bag especially now with disinfecting my tray tables and area.

So I discovered this mini travel trash bags that are stick ons. Whether in the car, plane or train, have a small trash bag to dispose of the hand wipes and disinfecting wipes available to keep your area clean and helping keep flight attendants from touching your dirty items too. These come in pack of 60 and stick pretty well on clean surface.

Top 14 Must Have Travel Essentials 2021


Each year, I love to feature a new luggage set! The one I presented previously is still in excellent shape with no issues especially with the amount of International travels I have done with them. Last year, I wanted something more chic and fashionable and been wanting gold or rose gold set. So I ordered Calpak Travels Ambeur 2 piece set! This comes with the carry-on hard-side with wheels and a large checked luggage.

I use to get 3 piece sets, but I find that I rarely use my medium size. I got the gold set which is absolutely gorgeous with a nice shine! It will definitely stand out amongst the masses of black luggages. One thing that I love about Calpak Travel is that they deliver it with a dust protector. When you are not traveling, luggages are in a closest collecting dust. For me, they are collecting both dust and wall paint pieces. I always have little white pieces of paint on mine. But with the cover it is no longer an issue.

The protector is very easy to put on- kind of like a diaper with Velcro at the bottom where the wheels are. I love that there are also a lot of pockets vs just two big holes. Also comes with built in TSA locks with combination so no worries about buying a separate. This collection comes in a couple of different colors and have different collections to choose from as well!


In addition to Calpak Travel making great luggage, they also carry plastic luggage protectors! So when it comes to the pretty shiny luggages, they are more prone to scratches due to the material. The Calpak Luggage Protectors protects your luggage from the abuse of baggage handlers, taxi drivers and bellman taking your luggage out of the car. I feel that having the protector help keep me luggage with less scratches.

I did notice on recent road trips where I opted not to put the protector due having to change out outfits that more little scratches are now popping up. So I definitely going forward I will keep the protectors on.


So these travel essentials were something I always wanted to find! I love having a nice refreshing scent when I travel but perfume bottles are so heavy and bulky. Therefore I end up not traveling with any scents. These refillable travel perfume dispenser is the easiest and most convenient way to travel with all your favorite scent without taking up space.

Just remove the cap off your perfume bottle and put the bottom of the dispense on the little plastic hose of your perfume bottle and pump away. It gets quite a few squirts in that I would think last should last for at least a 1 week trip if not 2 depending how much you like to spray. it is a multi pack so you can always fill up multiple bottles.

Top 14 Must Have Travel Essentials 2021


I recently saw in IG post an influencer asking if other people forget to pack things when they travel such as toothpaste! I can proudly say I have never forgot any of those things because I keep my toiletry bag ready to go a stocked! A toiletry bag is where I put all my travel size products such has facial wash, shampoo, toothpaste, bobby pins, etc. I view it as my “emergency go bag” in the sense if I am going on a last minute trip or to a friends house, I don’t have to make a stop to the travel section at target because my bag has everything it.

After a trip, I see what is low or gone and I put it on my grocery list and it always stocked. It makes travelling a little easier when you have everything in one place. I love my new bag due to size and all the pockets keeping things organized and it is waterproof. This large size can fit some larger size products with elastic bands to keep it in place. The hook is what really like. My last bag the hanging hook could not spin 360 degrees and was smaller. So some hotel handles, it could not hang properly. This hook is larger and with 360 degree swivel allowing you to hang it anywhere.


With vaccinations, kind of becoming a requirement travel we now have multiple travel documents to travel with. If you follow me on Instagram you know that I recently received my Global Entry card. So factoring that, a vaccination card, passport, ID and boarding passes, these are a lot of important documents that you may have to whip out multiple times. It is better to have piece of mind and have them all together.

So I found this leather passport holder. It holds all of these important documents where I can easily have everything together. I chose bright color vs neutral so I can easily spot it in my big purse. I have been more conscience about being organized when I travel and happy that I now finally have this too. The site is saying it is genuine leather and does feel like it so I am sure that means it is long lasting.


I absolutely love my new weekender bag and perfect addition to my travel essentials! This has replaced my traditional duffle bag. This weekender bag was designed with the working female in mind. Any trip I go on I take this bag. There is a deep space in the main area with a wide opening. The one thing I struggled with are duffle bag’s opening. They can sometimes be too narrow to really organizer your stuff. There it is not you can easily see in side and organize your things. There are multiple pockets in the inside including a cushioned spot for your laptop which I love.

Also there is a bottom shoe compartment! Genius! Previously I never packed shoes in duffle. I don’t like to mix the too even with a plastic bag at the bottom. Now you can put your shoes on the bottom. Lately I have been putting my toiletry bag, liquid bottles and mini travel steamer at the bottom for easy access. This bag comes in black and beige and there is another version where you can remove the bottom shoe compartment completely from the bag too.

Top 14 Must Have Travel Essentials 2021


So this next item I use everyday and it is always in my purse! I wished I would have gotten this a long time ago. Everyone should have a cable organizer whether you are traveling or not. So many times running errands, I realize I need to charge up but I forget my charger. Now you have an organizer to put an extra charger, ear buds, battery back to charge and those cables. I originally heard about these organizers from my friend who is also a blogger @SassyTeacherChic who said she has one due to all the cables and gadgets between her and her daughter. I thought at first I can save money and stuff it in a pocket.

But every time I was on a plane and needed to find something I was always scrambling and could not find my black cords deep in the abyss LOL. This organizer I love due to its size and hard top. Easily fit in my purse and nothing can crush it and everything inside is protected even if it is raining. If you need to get something bigger, I recommend this other product shown above.

Top 14 Must Have Travel Essentials 2021


This travel item is no stranger to my annual travel essentials series. Having a mini travel steamer has been such a life saver especially when traveling in Europe. Other people irons can be different or temperature can be off. I have ruined blouses with irons so even at home, I steam everything and rarely iron. I love this steamer because it small and not heavy and works great. It also comes with a brush attachment.

When on road trip, I travel with that car charger because it has a regular plug outlet built in. So if you have a bottle of water, you can steam in the car. This charger also charges very fast compared to USB port in cars. This is a must have item that recommend everyone have when they travel. I never travel without it- ever!

Top 14 Must Have Travel Essentials 2021


Since I have been doing a lot of photography and have a lot of gadgets, I needed a bag to carry it all. I had seen so many ads on the Brevite Camera Bag that I caved and bought it and so glad I did. It holds all my gadgets comfortably in 1 backpack. From my drone, to DSLR camera, large tripod, battery back, gimbal and all the little gadgets I need it all fits.

I use to put all my stuff in a big open hobo bag that was really killing my back. The straps are padded so no more strain on my back. It comes in multiple colors so you have a lot to choose from but I wanted a pink one so it looks a bit more fashionable vs a black backpack. Also pink is easier to spot if someone tries to jack it. Click here to get a coupon on your next Brevite bag purchase.


This is my favorite new travel toy so to speak! This is the Hangout Pod where you can lounge anywhere you can find a tree! This is something perfect for road trips vs plane ride due to weight. If you are headed to forest or mountain area, buy a sturdy strap (strap not included in pod purchase) an relax and enjoy an amazing view.

I love the strap I bought from Amazon! It holds up to 500lbs. If you find that the strap is too long for the branch you find, somethings it may be good to hook both straps together and wrap it around a branch more times to give a higher floating height. Hangout Pod also has accessories such as mosquito nets, rain covers and stand for the home where a sturdy tree is not available.

Due to travel and the rain in Texas, I have not gotten a chance to take photos with the stand in a pretty park but have enjoyed the stand since there is not a sturdy tree at my apartment. It is easy to assemble too.


So with me I like to eat in my car from time to time especially on road trips if I am not comfortable eating inside. So this cool steering wheel tray is perfect to eat a meal comfortable in your car without making a mess on your clothes. It comes in 2 colors black and grey. I chose black so it blended in with my car’s interior.

There are two sides. One perfect for eating with grooves for your drink and the other side for laptop use and even a groove to hold your pen so it does not fall to the side of the car’s seat. If it is not obvious, this is not meant to actually drive your car eat at the same time. But when you are parked and want to eat a meal more comfortable especially meals that require a fork or spoon. Just another perfect addition to my travel essentials 2021.

Top 14 Must Have Travel Essentials 2021 Top 14 Must Have Travel Essentials 2021


The last new travel essential 2021 is this airplane footrest! I have eyed this for years and been wanting to get one. This is to help your legs on the plane. I read lots of great reviews on it and can’t wait to try it out on my first plane ride. If I feel it is not worth the money, then I will update this post. For me with long legs I try to find a cannon ball position with my knees pressed against the tray table in tops it will stay up there.

Now with this sling, it is less strain on me and I can sleep comfortably. They say it is tested and proven to prevent swelling and soreness providing relaxation and comfort. This also comes in multiple colors and I always choose bright colors so I can easily spot things in the plane when it is time to de-board. Black blends in and you can accidently leave stuff.


1.) Though I feature new things each year does not mean I stop using older past travel essentials that I have featured. One great item that I love is the GEGO Tracker! I had my luggage lost one too many times. Both while traveling to Italy. It is so bad when your vacation is suppose to begin and you and the airlines have no idea where your luggage is.

I remember the first time it happened, it was covered with stickers from a few different random countries that I did not have connections to. I wished I had the GEGO Tracker where I could tell them “Look it landed in Germany at this time”. The GEGO Tracker is compliant with all air regulations and TSA approved. It can be used not just for luggage but child’s backpack, bike, car or any other valuable.

Also another cool feature is that it will alert you when your battery is low via text message as well as via text message an app when there is movement. There are 4 different usage modes when it comes to tracking to help save battery.  One mode for everyday use, battery saving mode, flights less than 6 hours and flights over 6 hours like for international. It comes in 2 different colors but you can also purchase a skin to put on top for a different design or color.

2.) Next is a blanket. I believe from different travel creators airlines have now began giving blankets on flights. Due to COVID, all airlines stopped. I personally hated airline blankets but they were like tissue and short. So this travel blanket is great because it is thick and long and can be easily transported. Choose your color and hook on your rolly luggage. It can be used as a pillow or take it out and use it as cover. 

3.) Speaking of pillows, my TRTL pillow is till my favorite pillow. Until I have discovered this pillow I could never sleep well on a plane. I always wake up with sore neck. This pillow allows you to sleep upright comfortably. I recommend getting the TRTL Plus because it has the adjustable neck feature. It has a great carrying bag that you can book onto your luggage or wrap it around your arm.


I hope you all enjoyed this travel essentials 2021 blog post! I can’t wait to discover more travel essentials to share next summer! In the meantime, do not forget to follow me on Instagram.



  1. July 14, 2021 / 3:47 PM

    That steamer is something I really would love to get. It seems super handy for traveling

  2. July 14, 2021 / 6:09 PM

    I need those perfume dispensers, I’m always worried my bottle will bust and ruin all my clothing!

  3. July 15, 2021 / 7:13 AM

    hadnout pod looks fabtastic! SO relaxing! toiletry bag for travel is a big game-changer to me, so easy to use and makes trips so much happier.

  4. catherine santiago jose
    July 15, 2021 / 7:58 AM

    Everything is important, and I would love to have all of these on every travel that I am going to have.

  5. July 15, 2021 / 9:15 AM

    Definitely need to get a vaccination card holder now! Love it!

  6. July 15, 2021 / 11:47 AM

    A shock-proof cable organizer is a MUST for me. Plus a backup portable charger, just in case the sockets don’t work on the plane (they sometimes don’t).

  7. July 15, 2021 / 6:16 PM

    All of the products are super cool and useful. I’d use any of them.

  8. Heidi
    July 15, 2021 / 8:23 PM

    These are all great ideas and tips. Love your luggage!

  9. July 17, 2021 / 9:37 AM

    I need these luggage protectors! My luggage got all scratched on my trip a few weeks ago and I was so mad. Definitely, a great thing to have.

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