The Best Affordable Earring Dupes

The Best Zara, Lele Sadoughi & BaubleBar Earring Dupes

The Best Affordable Earring Dupes

Hey jewelry lovers! I have to admit I love jewelry and more particularly earrings. Next to sunglasses, I feel that earrings really completes an outfit. When it comes to earrings, I love earrings that are noticeable with my long dark hair or when I wear my hair big and curly.  I am not in to studs so much. However, earrings can get expensive. I will buy a pair once in a while that costs around $20 or more, but I usually love them in multiple colors and I won’t want to spend $100 for 3 pairs. So I have discovered a website called AliExpress that carries the best earring dupes from Zara , Lele Sadoughi and BaubleBar !  Some of you may have heard of Aliexpress and may have uncertainty with ordering from them but I will explain here why I have ordered from them on several different occasions.



So what you first need to understand is what exactly is Aliexpress and why some people may have had bad experiences with them. Aliexpress is a hub not the principal store of the products you want to buy. Think of it has the Ebay or Etsy of China. There are multiple stores under this Aliexpress umbrella. So if you hear of people having bad experiences, it is because that particular store or vendor was bad but not necessarily Aliexpress.

One thing to make it clear (1) my reasoning on buying dupes of these particular earrings. And (2) how I even discovered these shops from AliExpress.   I saw a pair of Zara earrings that I HAD to have. They were already sold out and you know how influencers would wear earrings that are old season, but you really want them. That is what happened to me. From googling and googling, I found the EXACT dupe of the pair that Zara no longer carries. From there, I found other earrings from Bauble Bar that I wanted but by the time I discovered them, they had sold out of them as well. So this is a nice option for those situations or for those who may not have the financial means of buying the original pair.

Shipping times were not all that bad. I got them within 14-17 days from when I ordered them. it is not like some companies in China where you have to wait 30 days. These are pretty quick. The timing they advertised when you order I always got them a little more quickly than that. What is best are the pricing. Typically from $1.79 to 3.00 per pair which I typically get them in a whole bunch of colors because if I do not like them then I only lost $3. It beats buying one pair and realizing how cute there are and ordering more and having to wait another 2 weeks or so for them to arrive.


Now I want to first state that I LOVE Bauble Bar brand! I have ordered several pair of earrings from them and wear them all the time. So I do encourage you to click here and browse their collection. However, growing up without a lot of money, which I have mentioned in different posts already, I do understand there are many people who financially can drop $30 or $48 for 1 pair of earrings but want to create the same chic look.

This is where this Aliexpress shop comes in handy. There were a couple of different tassel earrings that Bauble carried that they do not carry anymore or in the colors I want. This shop carries a few dupes that are very close including some of the resin type of earrings as well. The ball drop earrings I actually found them from this store. They come in a bunch of different colors.

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The Lele Sadoughi crystal water lily earrings are one of the hottest earrings of the season! You can shop the originals here. I absolutely loved the oversized flower earrings because they are just so pretty and feminine. They look great on almost every outfit. I was sticker shocked to find out that they were $160-$220.

I was in search for dupes like at Forever 21 because they can sometimes carry dupes but could not find them. I happened to stumble across some great dupes on this particular Aliexpress shop! I ordered them in almost ALL of the colors and then gifts for friends who kept complimenting me on them.


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Now the original shop that I found that carries the MOST Zara earring dupes are these two particular shops – both the same shop but they have two different stores within AliExpress. Click here and here and bookmark this link for future reference. Not just for their dupes but some really CUTE earrings that are perfect for spring & summer seasons!

There are a bunch of different Zara earrings that I found here from the same shop. Click on this link and look at the “metal color”. They have different types of earrings and not just different colors. You may recognize some earrings right off the bat too. One of my favorite Zara dupes were the hammered style drop earrings .

I saw it on one of my favorite influencers Alpa Rama  of “A Parisian in America” She wore them with so many outfits and it just looks so classy, but Zara did not carry them anymore. So I ordered them in 2 colors – gold and rose gold.  Alpa wore a few more Zara earrings, which were sold out (this pair, this pair and this pair) and this Ali-Express shop had the dupes on those sold out pairs as well.

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Thanks for checking out my post! I hope this helps you find so affordable accessories to sport this spring and summer seasons! Tag me in your posts if you buy from them. I would love to see how they look on you!


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