The Best Sparkling Wines Under $10

The Best Sparkling Wines Under $10

The Best Sparkling Wines Under $10

Hey everyone! So I have a new type of post to the blog. If you have not noticed, I have a new sub menu for recipes! This is where I still all my food related content and food and cocktail recipes at. I love making new dishes and cocktails and it buy it has always been a goal of mind to add this content to my blog so here I go. More to come very soon! But this post has to do with another favorite subject of mine which is wine. I would not say I an a big wine drinker but I love a nice glass of wine. In Italy wine is like water. No matter whether it is lunch or dinner, wine is always served and is always stocked in the house. However, wines are be pretty pricey especially since you can’t sample them before you buy them. So if you have a small budget for wine and you want to be able to know you are bringing a good wine to a dinner party, this post is for you. All of these wines can be bought at your nearest Krogers store which is where I bought all of the wines that I am sharing. I am sharing my top sparking wines under $10 that will please everyone and not break your bank. My ruffle top is from A’gaci!

The Best Sparkling Wines Under $10 The Best Sparkling Wines Under $10 The Best Sparkling Wines Under $10


I am starting off with the New Age White wine first because it is our all time favorite wine and go to wine that we love to bring at any get together! A friend of ours brought this wine to our house when we had them over for dinner few years ago and ever since then we have be HOOKED! This is the BEST sparkling wine ever. What we love about it, it is not super sweet like a moscato. It is in between a champagne and a moscato. So you get the fizzy bubbles but with a sweetness. Since it is not super sweet, we have it with seafood dishes, pizza and it goes quite well.

You usually find this wine between $7.99 – $10.99 at Krogers. You can also find it at Total Wines and Target. I have yet to see them at Tom Thumb or Randall stores. The key with this wine is to serve is VERY COLD. We put it in the freezer. You DON’T  want it frozen. You just want to drink it very cold for the crispy taste. Drinking it at room temperature or semi cold, won’t be as good.

It good if you drop a lime in there your add your own fruit. I have even used this for a base for juice mixer like adding fresh fruits and fruit puree kind of like a sangria or one of these bottles of Arbor Mist. The sweetness of the wine was good for my friends who are mainly dry wine drinkers which we are not but they loved this one as well. This wine is actually from Argentina. Not a European based wine like from France or Italy.

The Best Sparkling Wines Under $10 new age, roscato rose dolce lambrusco riunite The Best Sparkling Wines Under $10 The Best Sparkling Wines Under $10 The Best Sparkling Wines Under $10


I love a good rose! Rose wine is a popular wine in the Provence wine region. What some people mistakenly think is rose is white wine mixed with a little bit of red wine. That is not true. True rose wine has particular process. Winemakers create rosé wine by juicing red grapes. There is a process of allowing the juice to soak with the skin of the grapes for a very short period of about two to three days. As soon as the juice begins to take on the beautiful pink color, the skins are removed and the juice is allowed to ferment, creating delicious rosé.

We recently discovered our favorite bottle of rose wine- Roscato Rose Dolce wine . The brand is Roscato and they have rose wine that I have only been able to find at Krogers. It is a sweet wine but not super sweet. It is just enough sweetness that it is not syrupy like most moscato. It has a light fruity taste as well. Rose wine is a great summer wine but we drink it in any season. This bottle we have been finding around $9-10.

The Best Sparkling Wines Under $10 The Best Sparkling Wines Under $10 The Best Sparkling Wines Under $10 The Best Sparkling Wines Under $10



Lambrusco is our FAVORITE  red sparkling wine. When you think of red wines, you usually do not think of it being sparkling. Trust me, once you try Lambrusco wines, you will be hooked. Lambrusco is a type of wine and not the name of a wine brand. It is a wine from Northern Italy in the region of Emilia-Romagna. This wine is very fruity of deep berries such has cherries and blackberries and it is a very dark red/purple color.

We discovered this by chance because this store was getting rid of a bunch Lambrusco bottles of a particular brand. We tried and loved it. It is really good with red sauce pastas, pizza and red meat. We also eat it with seafood pastas that has cherry tomatoes in it. There are 2 brands that we have tried and liked but of the two our “go to” brand is Riunite. You can find this brand at any store including walmart. They are usually pretty cheap and you can find them around $5.99 to 7.99 and the other brand in the photo is usually always $4.99  as well. This wine is a bit sweeter than the first two but you taste more fruit than sweetness.

The Best Sparkling Wines Under $10 The Best Sparkling Wines Under $10 The Best Sparkling Wines Under $10 The Best Sparkling Wines Under $10



So the last wine is Roscato Rosso Dolce aka sweet red wine. We discovered this wine from a friend who brought it from a dinner party. This is another good sparkling wine. Basically Roscato is a red moscato. Of all 4 wines this is going to me the most sweetest in mine opinion. I love this wine but between this one and Lambrusco, I favor Lambrusco more because it is tad bit less sweet. This wine is also good for spicy dishes and not just desserts or pasta dishes.

They are similar in taste in the fact that it is a sparkling fizzy wine. However, one thing to keep in mind is the red wines will be less fizzier that the New Age wine. So you won’t see alot of bubbles but you can still taste some bubbles. You can find this wine at Krogers and Target. These usually run closer to the $10 mark on a regular basis.

The Best Sparkling Wines Under $10 The Best Sparkling Wines Under $10 The Best Sparkling Wines Under $10


So whether you are hosting a dinner party, attending party or just want something to sip on in your big “Olivia Pope” wine glass, definitely check out these wines! I am sure you will love it! As the Italian expression goes “ Il vino fa buon sangue” which is equivalent to “an apple a day keeps the doctors away” but literally translates to good wine makes good blood! With all these wines, I would serve them very cold especially New Age. If you try these wines for the first time or already have tried them, I would love to hear your thoughts! Happy drinking and drink responsibly!



  1. Abena
    December 19, 2018 / 10:26 AM

    These all sound delicious!!

    • Cindy S.
      December 19, 2018 / 5:02 PM

      Yes you definitely have to try it out!


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