Spring Fashion Trend: Color-Blocking Outfit Tips

Spring Fashion Trend: Color-Blocking Outfit Tips

Spring Fashion Trend: Color-Blocking Outfit Tips

Hey Fashionistas! It is spring time! Yes I know the official spring period does not come until the end of the month, but March I feel is a create time to find those cute spring pieces and seeing what is on trend for this season! One of my favorite trends that I have been rocking forever is the color-blocking trend! For those of who have not been following me for very long, I love this trend so much because I love mixing bright bold colors. I think it looks create with my skin tone. I actually begin to color-block before I ever knew there was an actual name for it. One of my followers complimented me on my “color-blocking style” over a year ago and that was the first time I really heard of the term. So this post I will be discussing this color-blocking outfit trend, how I color-block and how YOU can rock the color-blocking trend this season too.


Color-blocking is colors that are opposites on the color wheel and pairing them together to make interesting abstract color combination. It is said that this fashion trend’s inspiration came from Dutch painter, Piet Mondrian of the early 1900s. Just like his art, with fashion you create these blocked visuals or blocks of colors by coordinating not only your clothing, but shoes and accessories such as a handbag.  

You can color-block quite subtly not necessarily use bright bold colors. You can use softer colors like pastels or using a neutral color like black or white for one piece of your outfit such as pants and then combine it with a bold colors for the other piece and your handbag.

Dutch Painter Piet Mondrian & one of his most famous paintings


My personal preference when it comes to color blocking is using bright bold colors! I have experimented with different color combinations and my favorite colors to color-block with are fuchsia, cobalt blue, turquoise and yellow. No matter what I am wearing, I find that these colors paired with each other or other colors will always look good with each other especially cobalt blue. I own this color in various pieces – earrings, shoes, tops and pant.

My favorite shop to find cobalt blue shoes is this store here and my earrings I get from Beaded by W. She carries subtle and dramatic tassel earrings in every shade of the rainbow. I own them in 4 colors and get so many compliments on them and they are a great accessory when thinking about your color-blocking outfits. For me, I will sometimes use 4/5 bold colors: top, bottoms, shoes, bag and earrings.

At times my earrings will match my earrings but I never like my earrings to match my top because these are two pieces that are near each other and does not have the same color-blocking effect. Sometimes they will match but it is rare. I have a colorful closet of shoe colors and handbags. When it comes to shoes my turquoise pair are my absolute favorite pair. It such a bright color and Beaded by W has a tassel pair of earrings that matches it perfectly as well.



Even if you are not the color-blocking expert, it is quite simple to create this look for this spring/summer season! Just follow these 5 tips and you can create your own chic look as well


  1. Begin With Two Colors – First settle on your 2 principal colors that you want to wear and which colors of the color wheel that you want to try. Try not use colors of the same family (i.e. red and purple.) They would be too similar and not give the best color-blocking effect.
  2. Find Separates – Color-blocking works best with working with separates vs a dress that has two colors already in it. Tops with pants, shorts or skirt
  3. Avoid Prints – Color-block does not work with prints such as animal print or floral. Try not to have prints in any piece of your outfit.
  4. Add Accessories – Accessories enhances the color-block look. Whether it is a belt, handbag or jewelry, you can choose a different color for your accessories other than your the 2 principal colors of your outfit.
  5. Add A Pop of Color for Makeup – A bright bold lipstick such as a hot pink can definitely make a statement in your outfit. Hot pink looks great when wearing cobalt blue.

I hope you found this post helpful! When you create your color-blocking outfit, please tag me on IG so I can see! I love to see what fun look you create!



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