Spring Fashion Must Have: Cape Blazer

Spring Fashion Must Have: Cape Blazer

Spring Fashion Must Have: Cape Blazer

Hey everyone! Spring is here and so it is time bust out those cute spring pieces as well add a few pieces to your wardrobe! I will have a few posts about Spring MUST HAVES from jewelry to makeup so definitely stay tuned! You can also shop my Spring/Summer pieces right here and Vacation Looks here! I update these two shops regularly. This post is talking about one piece that you should have in your wardrobe this spring and this is the cape blazer! This is a must have staple piece that should definitely be in your closet if it is not already. Below are some cute blazers of different colors!


Ever since the cape blazers came out, I could never get enough of it! I love the look of this style blazer/jacket and always receives so many compliments as well! For some, they don’t think of a blazer as being a spring piece but this style definitely is. It is a blazer and shawl at the same time but in a very classy way. Basically take a blazer and cut a long slit in the inside of sleeve and there is your cape action. This blazer is perfect for the work or for a date night. The cape blazer can comes in various colors, lengths and materials. I just got this super cute white blazer and it is very light weight and not heavy at all. It stops at the top of my hips. There are others that stop passed the butt and a  thicker material like wool such as this one here which I have too. The blazer I am wearing in this photo you can find here. Shop my look below!  Earrings you can get here!  I own them in so many colors!

I definitely would love to know what you favorite spring trend is! Leave a comment below! Stay tuned for more spring must haves and tends. Thanks for reading!

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