“Pump It Up with SoundWhiz”

“Pump It Up with SoundWhiz”

Hello everyone!! I know it has been a little bit since I posted. Life has been super busy with my job! But summer is just around the corner and you know what that means….VACATION!!! Yes, our Amsterdam/Greece Vacation is a little less than 1 month away!! I am soo excited! But what comes with excitement is preparation for vacation. I think I spend more time and money preparing for a vacation than anything else. From getting vacation outfits ready, getting my skin ready and of course my body. I have a bunch a posts that I will be doing in the next couple of weeks all surrounding prepping for vacation so definitely stay tuned.

With my full time job that I have, it has been so crazy that I really had not had time for much of anything even exercising since I have been coming home so late. Who wants to work out after working 10-11 hours?! So this past week I made it to goal to eat right and exercise to get ready to get into a bikini! Yes, I know from photos I look stick thin which I am not saying I am fat or anything but I have put on a few pounds that I really want to shed off before our trip. Because working out is not really my thing, it is hard to do it. I need motivation. One thing that I have to do when I work out is listen to music! Music has always been a big part of my life ever since I was little. I use to be a dancer and choreographer and that was my form of working out! I had washboard abs and was super tone. Then marriage and hitting 30 happened and my body has begun to change. So that means I need to change and make better food decisions and exercise more.

So currently I am hitting the gym and working at home and of course I need my MOTIVATION which is music! I am excited to speak to you about some cool innovated headphones to help me drown out background noise while I am working out and have the music keep me pumping! The Turbo Bluetooth headphones from SoundWhiz are amazing! I first introduced you to the SoundWhiz brand in my music post that you can find here. Those headphones were amazing and comfortable! These turbo ones are smaller for those who want something more small and discreet.

They are really comfortable and lightweight and easy to put on. The sound of them are amazing as well! Sometimes at gyms like the ones at my apartment it can be a bit noisy – people talking or playing their music loud and those guys who have to grunt every time they lift a weight! LOL *You know what I am talking about! Haha I don’t care to hear all of that but just concentrate on my music. Just like the other headphones in my previous post, these headphones are Bluetooth enabled meaning you can be hands-free and run on a treadmill, take a jog at a park or jam out and dance to music without getting tangled in the cord or having to be connected to your phone or mp3 player. Your headphones just connects to your device via Bluetooth and the device can be a bit far away from you and you can still hear the music. I have tested it at my home and it works great!

Some great features about these headphones are that they are noise cancelling and waterproof! This is nice for those who are heavy sweaters. Also it can play for 9 hours straight! It comes in a couple of different colors-black and red which I have and gunmetal and silver. Right now these headphones are on SALE on Amazon for $35.99 originally $130 and all my followers can get a 20% off DISCOUNT their order of either of the two headphones (Turbo or SymphoniQ) here on Amazon by using code FFFIERCE! Definitely go order you a pair today because it is an amazing deal and having good headphones while you work out can definitely help enhance your workout performance with you have a good beat to work out to.

Stay tuned to some more upcoming posts as I prepare for my summer Travels!

*Sponsored posts/Product reviews- I have received products/compensation for blog posts, but the thoughts, feelings and opinions written in each post are absolutely 100% my own with no outside influences!

Stay fresh & FIERCELY you!

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  1. May 3, 2017 / 1:46 PM

    I have been looking for some good bluetooth headphones since I am constantly getting tangled in the cords! Gave these a try on your recommendation & I am in love with them! So easy to set up, the battery lasts a long time, comfortable, & great sound. Thanks for the recommendation!


    • May 3, 2017 / 3:41 PM

      Hey love!! I am so happy that you loved them! Yes, they are great!! Thanks for leaving me a note!!


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