Sonic Cleansing Brush Skincare Routine for Flawless Skin

Sonic Cleansing Brush Skincare Routine for Flawless Skin

Sonic Cleansing Brush Skincare Routine for Flawless Skin

Hey beauty lovers! It is time to talk about skin! January has came and gone but does not mean that you are not still working hard on those new years resolutions. Besides working on that summer body, taking care of my skin for those flawless photos is also a goal of mine. Having beautiful flawless skin is one of the things that can boost our confidence. After all, your skin is the first thing that people sees. This post I will taking you into my skincare routine with Michael Todd Beauty’s wonderful beauty tools that are affordable. You may have heard of people using a sonic cleansing brush for their skincare routine but never knew why people use it vs their own hands. Well I will be sharing those details too and how using Soniclear Petite brush passed my “facial wipe test” as well as exfoliating with the Sonic Refresher.


So for the longest time, I have seen so many people using cleansing brushes to wash their faces. I use to think that it was just some sales gimmick to get people to purchase a new tool, but ever since I got my Soniclear Petite Cleansing brush from Michael Todd Beauty, I have since changed my opinion. Using a cleansing brush has been “life changing” for me because I have now realize how poorly my face was being cleaned with my bare hands alone. There is so much makeup dirt and debris that is left on the skin when you just wash your face with your hands alone. Some of this is visible seen when you follow up with a facial wipe and see what is left behind on cloth.

With the Soniclear Petite brush it uses a state of the art sonic technology where the brush heads oscillate at 18,000 micro-movements per minute. Think of thousands tiny little hands cleaning your skin at the same time. This allows for the deep cleansing of your skin down into your pores as well as a nice exfoliation. There are about 20,000 round-tipped bristles that help prevent irritation to the skin. The bristles also has built in antimicrobial protection.

Making sure your skin is thoroughly clean helps with having flawless clean skin and can save you money. How? Well using the Sonic Cleansing brush has reduced the amount of facial wash that I actually use because it is giving you a faster and more thorough clean without having to do 2 or 3 washes due to makeup and foundation. So your facial wash product last longer.

Secondly, because of the thorough skin you know you truly have a clean base to apply your serums and other products. Think about it. How effective are your retinols or vitamin c serums if they are really having to hit a layer of dirt and makeup before actually penetrating your skin? Who knows maybe what is left on your skin makes the product less effective. On the same note, I have noticed a better effect on 2 serums which are my vitamin C serum and retinol. I noticed that they work on my skin better – skin is brighter and exfoliating faster than it was before.


I love the size of the Soniclear Petite and the Sonic Refresher because it is a perfect travel size. The petite actually comes with a hard travel case which I love. Noone wants smashed up bristles. It also comes with a unique USB charger and plastic cap to protect the bristles as well. Also there was mini tube of Michael Todd Beauty’s Charcoal Detox Pore Gel Cleanser. 

When you first get your box, the brush is in the travel case. It needed to be charged for a full 24 hours and is good for 2 hours of battery time. The USB charger is actually magnet that sticks to the device and charges via USB. This is what makes this device waterproof. This cordless brush can actually be used it in the shower too. The actual device itself is pretty smooth and comes in various of colors and styles to your taste.

For the Sonic Refresher, this is a great way to give yourself a microdermabrasion at home. What usually cost about $130 per session at a salon, you can now buy for the less that amount and keep it for weekly use. I use to get microdermabrasion done every 2-3 weeks and always went to a place that had the “diamond tip”. This gives the best and smoothest exfoliation.

The Sonic Refresher comes with 3 different diamond tips which I was excited about. One is a course tip, another is from small hard to reach areas like around your nose and the final is a fine top to buff your smooth. One of the best things about this device is suction. If the suction is not good then you are not getting a good exfoliation. This suction felt like the ones I would get professionally. I was quite surprised.

There is also a liquid compartment in the back for the refreshing mist that you can do during or after your treatment. You can input your favorite toner like a rosewater which is really good for you skin. There are aksi 30 disposal filters that catches the dirt and dead skin off of your face and well as a small bottle and funnel to use to add toner to your device.



I have been using the Soniclear Petite brush for a few weeks now and I have my preferred way of administering my cleanse. I first wet my entire face with warm water. Then I would get my towel dry the strip of my face from temple to temple through my eyes. This so my wet forehead does not create little soapy rivers to my eyes.

Then I prefer to put the cleanser directly on to my skin vs on the brush to my skin. This is just my personal preference. I would also add it to my neck. I went the brush and activate the brush. I prefer to begin the cleansing process from my neck up not from my forehead down. The longer soap is on my forehead the more likely it will seep into my eyes. There are 3 speed settings that you can choose from. What you feel is almost like a difference in vibration. It does not hurt or anything you just feel the power more.

As you cleanser each area of your skin, there is a cool automatic cleansing timer which will alert you after 20 seconds to move onto the next area. You never want to stay too long on area to avoid irritating the skin. Alot of sonic toothbrushes are built the same way so it is the same concept. You want to avoid the eye area when using the brush since your eyes are sensitive. After you done using the brush, I use the soap that is one my skin to cleanse my eye area and then rinse.


So what was the result? Well my skin felt super clean and smooth. I different feel than when I would wash my face with hand. You can tell immediately that your skin was clean. Sometimes after I wash my face I can still feel some type of film or something still on my face. But when you feel how smooth and soft your face is then you know it is clean. The next is my facial wipe test. After my cleanse, I dried my face and then wiped my face with a facial wipe to see if anything was left behind. Nothing. Super white and clean cloth unlike the other times where I could see some brown marks due to make up



Now that my face is clean and dry, it is time to exfoliate! The Sonic Refresher is very easy to use and something that I use 1-2 times week. You never want to use this everyday because it can be too irritating to your skin. Before you begin you want to use the funnel to pore your favorite toner in the back of the device. The kit also comes with a small bottle where you can pore your toner inside for travel use. If you do not have a toner, mineral water is a nice option. The mist on your face after treating your face feels really nice and refreshing too.

You will first start off with tip labeled C. In an upward motion, keeping your skin taught, you want to move the device upwards. You want to do 1-2 passes on the same area. Only do one area at a time. You will be able to see where you made a pass (at least on my skin) because depending on how much needed to be exfoliated you will see the fresh new skin underneath. Avoid the sensitive areas like around your eyes. Switch the tip to S to get the small areas around your noise or hairline. Then tip F as a final buffer to smooth everything out.

Once you are done, you can feel how even more soft and smooth your skin is. Then you use the mister which does a very fine mist all over your face. You can use the mister during the application but I prefer to use the Sonic Refresher dry and mist afterwards. I prefer to use this product at night so you can apply your night creams serums and it can penetrate your skin longer and not put a layer of makeup on the fresh skin like you would in the morning.


The reason why I love to microderm my face is because I noticed a difference in my makeup application. I always know when it is not for an exfoliation because my makeup will not go on as smooth and my  makeup on my face looks different – a bit cakey. Once I exfoliate, my skin looks so much more flawless, smooth and I feel like the removal of the dead layer of skin makes my foundation color match my skin tone better. I feel like when I’m in need of an exfoliation, that I have a grey undertone. Michael Todd Beauty Sonic Blend makeup brush is another favorite of mine to get that airbrush like makeup look! This also comes in different colors.

So this is my skincare routine for flawless skin! I highly recommend using Michael Toddy Beauty’s Soniclear Petite and Sonic Refresher for your flawless skin goals. Your skin will thank you later. Thank you so much for reading! 

*Sponsored Post: This post was sponsored but the thoughts, feelings and expressions were 100% my own with no outside influence,


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