Sleeping Savvy With Savvy Sleepers!

Sleeping Savvy With Savvy Sleepers!

Sleeping Savvy With Savvy Sleepers!

Happy Friday everyone! I am so excited that it is finally the weekend! I feel that the week always drags! I am excited to be doing a beauty post today which I have not done a beauty post in awhile but you will be seeing me add more beauty posts on blog in the coming months! Today I will be talking about pillowcases! So you maybe wondering what does pillowcases have anything to do with beauty?! Well it actually has a lot to do with beauty! The type of pillowcase that you sleep on has an effect on your skin, hair and lashes! I discovered a great luxury satin pillowcase company called Savvy Sleepers. They have been seen on Pop Sugar, Fox 5 San Diego and HuffPost Style!  I attended one of their events last year that benefited Genesis Women’s Shelter. Each pillow is made out of 100% pure satin and comes in 7 different shades! I have them in black and Zinfully Blue! These cases are create and I love the way the feel against my skin!All my followers get 15% off by using my code FFFIERCE!  So why are the benefits of sleep on satin?

Maintain Your Mane
I have been wanting to get satin pillowcases for a long time. With me being African American and the type of hair that I have, I like to sleep with a satin cap at night. However, because I fight monsters and dragons in my sleep, a cap never stays on my head but is halfway across the room each morning! LOL. So sleeping on a satin cap would solve that problem. Cotton pillowcases strips the oils from our hair and is more harsh as we turn when we sleep. Leaving our hair frizzy an causing split ends due to the friction of the harsh material. Sleeping on a satin pillowcase helps smooth frizzy hair and minimizes static.  So when you wake up, you look more put together vs looking like a troll doll! LOL  I also learned that satin pillowcases are helpful for those who suffer from alopecia or  chemotherapy patients. It helps keeps their hair from coming out in clumps too.
Savvy Skin
Well if cotton pillowcases suck the oils out of your hair then it is only logical that they are doing the same with your skin! Satin pillowcases help keep your skin supple and helps your pores to breathe. As you age, you need your skin to stay moisture or you begin to get wrinkles, Satin pillowcases such as Savvy Sleepers helps reduce the appearance of sleep lines. Have you ever woke up and it looked like a cat might have scratched you or you slept on pencils? That is because the movement of the cotton cases creates those lines in your face. One thing that I loved about sleeping on satin was the cool temperature of the cases. The cool silkiness put me at a peaceful sleep and I have to say it was a more relaxing sleep that I have had!
Lash Protection
Lastly, satin pillowcase helps keep eyelashes intact. When your eyes are pressed against the harsh fabric for most of the night there is always the possibility of eyelash breakage. With a softer material such as satin, it can reduce the loss  you just glide over the case so easily instead of rubbing against it which can loosen your lashes. This is also very beneficial for those who wear lash extensions too. So a great way to protect your investment.
So if you are looking for a great set of satin pillowcases to buy, I recommend Savvy Sleepers! They fit most standard pillowcases. I even brought them with us on vacations and it fit them just fine!
Sleep savvy!

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Stay fresh & FIERCELY you!

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