Sleep in the Most Unique Airbnbs in the US

Castle House Estate Guard Tower Sleep in the Most Unique Airbnbs in the US

Sleep in the Most Unique Airbnbs in the US

Hey travel fam! If you follow me on Instagram, one of the things you saw were all the unique Airbnbs. I was able to glamp in within the state of Texas and beyond! I think everyone should experience glamping in a very unique lodging at least once in your life whether it is a treehouse, bubble or castle! It is definitely memorable! In this post, I will be reviewing some of the unique Airbnbs and lodgings that I had the pleasure of staying in that I recommend. As I glamp in more unique places, I will add to this post!

Castle House Estate Guard Tower Sleep in the Most Unique Airbnbs in the US



One of the coolest unique Airbnbs you should stay at is in Joshua Tree, CA near Palm Springs. The Castle House Estate is this unique glamping grounds that has different glamping units including these two guard towers. This a 3 story tower that you can sleep in located next to Joshua Tree National Park.

The style of the towers is very minimalistic yet contemporary with a winding staircase and rooftop deck to watch the sunset and take in some sun. The bottom level is the living room area that has chairs and fridge. The 2nd level is the bedroom with a tv and the 3rd level you climb up the stairs to the deck where there are 2 lounge chairs.

At the Castle House Estate, there is a shared outdoor shower, bathhouse, sauna and pool. There is also a pergola to hang out in as well. Each tower has its own firepit to make food but be sure to bring your own plates and utensils because those are not provided.



Cypress Valley Treehouse Sleep in the Most Unique Airbnbs in the US

The next unique Airbnb you should book one of Cypress Valley’s Treehouses. Their treehouses built by Artistree are located in Spicewood, TX outside of Austin and not too far from Fredericksburg and gives me Costa Rican treehouse vibes. They have different types of treehouses you can rent amongst the beautiful Cypress trees which they also offer ziplining tours as well. The Lofthaven treehouse has an ancient cypress tree grown in the center of it as well as a beautiful rock grotto waterfall that fills a hot tub. Each of their 5 treehouses are uniquely constructed and has something for everyone.

The biggest and coolest treehouse is The Nest! This multi level treehouse is great for families and couples and looks like something out of a fairy tale especially if you book it when everything is nice and green in beginning in April. I stayed in early May and everything was in full bloom. I recommend trying to book it April/ May through Sept before the leaves fall because in the winter it looks completely different.

This treehouse has a kitchen, an outdoor shower, living room area and 2 bedrooms. One bedroom has a queen size bed and the other has 2 twin beds perfect for families with kids. There is a separate private bathhouse as well and multiple lounge areas and lookout points. There is a pool that all treehouses share as well by the information center which is quite nice.



Another cool Texas glamping spot is Hozhoni on the Hill in Cottonwood Shores, TX near Horseshoe Bay and Marble Falls. This is newest Bubble unit closer to North Texas. Hozhoni on the Hill has different glamping units from tipis to shipping containers. The one that I stayed in was their Stardom Suite where it is like you are sleeping in a crystal ball. All my followers get 10% off their stay with code FFFierce10.

This bubble has beautiful bay views of Horseshoe Bay and has a sunset that you do not want to miss. There are multiple lounge chairs, a gas firepit, outdoor shower, bathhouse and hot tub for you to enjoy. There is AC and mini fridge in the inside too. Also there is a telescope for you to enjoy the star gazing as well. I recommend booking during non summer months. During peak hours it can get really hot inside even with AC but once the peak hours have subsided the AC really works well and it can get pretty cold inside.

There are restaurants nearby which I recommend eating at Bay View Restaurant & Bar which had amazing foods as well as J’s Restaurant for their beautiful buffet breakfast too! Also wineries and beautiful parks such as Black Rock Park are not to far to visit as well.


Wander Bus Dripping Springs Sleep in the Most Unique Airbnbs in the US

Another cool unique Airbnb is the Wanderbus Airbnb ! This is a retro decommissioned school bus turned Airbnb in Dripping Springs, TX near Austin in the Texas Hill Country. The bus is not drivable. The engine was removed but they left the steering wheel and controls for decor.

Inside there is a living room area, toilet room, shower and bedroom. There is AC in the bus which is great. There is a small fridge, microwave and record player. Outside there is a grill that you can use as well but there are food options about 15 minutes away so you are not completely located in the middle of nowhere. As far as things to do, you have Krause Springs, Butterfly Garden, Hamilton Pool all within 10-20 minutes away, Fredericksburg is 35 minutes away, Canyon Lake is 55 minutes away and just about 15 minutes away from Austin.

There is a bed and the sofa can turn into a bed as well. It sleeps 3 adults or 2 adults/2 kids. In regards to the height inside, I am 5’11 and I can stand up straight but naturally just ducked a little when walking around just in case. The top of my curly hair slightly brushes the roof. You do have neighbors where the bus is located which are the other Airbnb lodgings such as tiny cabin and RVs but you have a bit of privacy


Another cool bubble closer to North Texas is a two story bubble pod called Udoscape! This bubble Airbnb is located in Lago Vista, Texas in the Texas Hill Country and not too far from Austin, TX. This is definitely a very lux version of the bubbles I have visited.

Udoscape has 4 pods and I stayed in Pod #1! which has a private hot tub and lounge deck! When you first go inside, you are in the kitchen. Kitchen has a small fridge, microwave, sink, mini stove, plates, cups and utensil. The main area with view has everything you need to enjoy the bubble. A nice queen size bed, dining area with table and two chairs and lounge chairs in the front. The bathroom is inside the bubble and it is very spacious and pretty! 

A small walk from the bubbles are the firepits, hammocks and lounge chairs too- almost like a little park area / campground. At night, get ready to see some stars. There is minimal lighting where the bubbles are located but there is a gas station that can be seen from the bubble so the sky is not 100% dark like what you would see in other places. There are 2 other pods that have a telescope instead of a hot tub that you can choose from too.


Mystic Quarry Canyon Lake Visit The Most Tropical Texas Vacation Spots

If you need a unique place to stay while visiting Canyon Lake in the Texas Hill Country, then I recommend booking stay at Mystic Quarry Resort in Canyon Lake, TX. It is only 10min away from the lake. They have huge tipis that are enclosed, RV park, cabins and more to choose from. We stayed in tipi that had a TV and faux fireplace. It was so big with nice rustic decor. There is A/C and heater, a fridge and a coffee maker.

The bathhouse is a separate building that is shared amongst the other tipis. It is very clean and maintained as well. There is enough lighting to get to the bathhouses and the sink to wash your hands is on the outside and not inside one of the stalls. For the rain, there is what is called an Ozan that catches the water and diverts it outside of the tipi.

We stayed on a very rainy day and we never got wet nor our things. We also did not have any issues with any critters getting inside our tent either. There are two zipper doors that goes to the ground keeping everything from the outside out. 




This next place was my first bubble experience in Terlingua, TX which is located on the Texas/Mexico border. This is Basecamp Terlingua and we stayed at Bubble X. See my full guide here!  When you first arrive, they have a shade over each of the bubbles to keep the bubbles cool during hot temperatures. There are 2 A/C units in the inside, but with Texas heat it can get pretty warm in the heat of the day. We took off the shade about 4:30pm which our stay was in October so sunset was at 7pm at the time. 

When entering the bubble, there is a chamber that you first get in and zip behind you. It is important to make sure you zip the chamber behind you before entering in the main bubble to prevent it from deflating. There is a little bench in the first chamber that I would sit on to take off my shoes.

The interior decor was beautiful -almost a Moroccan flare with bright colors and rugs which was nice because everything was bright white. The living room has a sofa, coffee table, A/C unit and mini fridge and Keurig machine. The sofa also can fold out to bed as well for an additional two people.

The bathroom was a separate bubble that can be zipped closed for privacy in case you are visiting with friends or with kids. You can also leave it open with no problem from outsiders. You have no neighbors and there are walls so noone can peek inside.

The main reason why I booked the Bubble X was not only due to the space inside of the bubble but all the extras outside the bubble. With Bubble X, you have a private hot tub. This was so much needed after all the hiking I did and I was very sore. Another nice amenity is the outdoor kitchen area. Enjoy dinner and breakfast with amazing views of the mountains. Sunrise and sunsets are so pretty. There is gas grill for you to use with a long table and sink. 



Living in a big city such as Dallas sometimes you have the need of the “simple life”. Marfa is just that. It is not about shopping or having a jam packed itinerary but just enjoying the culture, scenery and each other. See my full Marfa guide here! I stayed at the famous El Cosmico – a boho style hotel! They are famous for the tipi hotel rooms that you can stay in which use to be the only teepees in Texas for the longest. A teepee room was not available but we got the next best thing which was a safari tent!

My safari tent had electricity and heated beds. The heated beds that they advertised was basically and warm soft heated blanket that you can adjust the temperature for each person.  At night the desert city got really cold. Definitely bring your long johns and socks. The teepees had a fire pit which would be a nice experience.

The tent itself is very sturdy and thick coverings. I was worried about silhouettes but you cannot see anything. It even rained during the night and no water got in. They provide snacks in the tent at extra charge. The bathrooms were wooden shared, outdoors, but clean. I did shower with plastic flip flops. 

The showers are also communal, but you do have privacy but not with a lock. Everyone was very respectful and I always felt safe. There is a pump soap to use but we brought our bodywash. The receptionist building had El Cosmico souvenirs and clothing to purchase as well as food, beer and wine too. You do see a warning about watching out for critters, snakes and stuff but she stated that I should not have any problems at this time of the year (Feb). The only critter we saw far away from our tent was this small prairie dog like animal (mouse size) that was more scared of me. 


Did you hear that Fort Worth, TX has a new Aperol Bar & Glamping Hotel Resort?! Chef Tim has a love for all things Italy and the Amalfi Coast and first opened up the cool Aperol bar and restaurant called Gemelle where you can have the best frozen Aperol Spritz cocktail and Italian food. The food here is actually really good! I ate here twice. Gemelle is the restaurant part of the newest glamping spot called Hotel Otto.

 Fort Worth’s first Micro Resort Hotel Otto is located in the River District on the other side of Downtown Fort Worth. Otto means 8 in Italian and so there are about 8 different shipping containers all named after Italian words! The hotel room is so cute and has everything you need. It had one of the most comfortable beds I ever slept on, TV, complimentary welcome Aperol drinks, robes, mini bar and bar set up to make drinks (lime and lemons too) and bathroom with HERMES toiletries. The rooftop deck is a great spot to enjoy the sunset and cocktails too.

A cool thing that Hotel Otto offers their guests is renting one of their electric bikes! This was my first time on an electric bike and it was so much fun! It goes up to 20 mph! For those who have not been biking in awhile, going up hills, you can really feel it. So when going up a hill on an electric bike, it makes it so much easier. You can bike with assist on these bikes which basically gives your a bike of a boost. The White Settlement Trail Head is literally across the street from the hotel along the river too!

I hope this post inspires you to book a unique Airbnb place to glamp at! If you visit any of the ones I have featured, please tag me in your post or stories! As I already mentioned, when I visit other unique Airbnbs, I will be updating this post!


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