Skincare Chronicles: Self-Care During Quarantine

Skincare Chronicles: Self-Care During Quarantine

Skincare Chronicals: Self-Care During Quarantine

Hey friends! So what day are we in with this quarantine?! I have totally lost count. With all the stress of the world, it is important to make time each week if not each day for a little bit of self-care during quarantine or shelter in place or safer at home orders going on right now. I will be discussing ways to self-care as well as some of my beauty favorites from ECooking I used in order to do so.



Self care can be misinterpreted as selfishness. That is not what it is at all. Put simply…its taking care of one’s self. Self-care is any activity that we do deliberately in order to take care of our mental, emotional, and physical health.  Good self-care is key to improved mood and reduced anxiety and stress that we all may be feeling right not during this pandemic.

It’s the little things that we may have stopped doing because we are no longer physically interacting with others such as getting our nails done, fixing your hair, shaving our legs lol. Once we stop doing these things, it can bring down our self-image which can affect our health too. We should take the time during this period to continue take care of ourselves and I will discuss the ways to do this as you keep reading.


I have been enjoying self caring with my beauty products from ECooking which is a brand from Denmark. This Danish brand Ecooking is a Danish brand’s moto is they are all about that “down to earth luxury” for skin. Their products are not just targeting the skin on your face, but your entire body, hands, feet, lips and hair. From tanning oil, to face oils, multi oils, serums, balms and hair oils, they are a one stop shop for your beauty needs while using amazing organic ingredients which provides food for your skin!

A couple of my favorite products is the peeling mask, skintonic toner and facial serum! I can tell a difference after each use! Also I love the outside label. It looks like something for your kitchen! I originally heard about this brand from eating at a couple of restaurants that had their products in the bathroom.


When it comes to self-care, you may think how much is this going to cost me. There are so many self-care ideas you can just by using things already in your home. For me, I have a lot of things that I reuse because I love throwing parties oe having people over dinner and so some things maybe readily on hand than others.

  1. Do your hair & Makeup – this is such a game changer with setting your mental mood.
  2. Listen to calm relaxing music – Try to find songs that relaxes you versus upbeat pop or rap songs
  3. Take a warm bath
  4. Have a spa day – Get in your robe, make a hair turban and have a spa hour using the products in your home. Get a cup or tea or glass of wine, light a candle and give yourself a facial
  5. Massage – If you don’t live alone, have someone give you a massage
  6. Get artsy – There are at home painting with a twists and adult coloring books
  7. Read a good book
  8. Go outside – whether you are walking, meditating or reading and enjoying your favorite beverage outdoors, try to change the scenery and get some Vitamin D (sunlight)
  9. Choose a day or two of no social media or news outlets. If something big happens, you know someone will text you. Free your mind of the epidemic from time to time.
  10. Make popsicles – adult popsicles with a kick is even better
  11. Do a puzzle or board game
  12. Take a virtual museum tour – if you can’t travel, no problems! Take a tour virtually! Click the link to a tour guide I highly recommend!
  13. Try 2 new recipes each week using things that are already in your kitchen. Pinterest is a great resource of ideas
  14. Foot soak and drop some fresh picked wildflowers in it for decor and happy feeling.
  15. Videoconference with friends or family members via Whatsapp, IG video chat, Facetime, Zoom or Skype.

I hope this gives you some ideas to self care at home without spending any money, but look for ways to do so with the things already in your home!


*Sponsored Post: This post was sponsored but the thoughts and feelings written are 100% my own.


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