Skincare Chronicles: Clear Skin with Maelove

Skincare Chronicles: Clear Skin with Maelove

Skincare Chronicles: Clear Skin with Maelove

Hey beauty lovers! I am excited for another “Skincare Chronicles” feature where I review beauty products that I have tried and truly loved! Not all beauty products makes the cut for a Skincare Chronicles feature so just know if it is featured, I had amazing results. Beauty products I feature are sometimes products I have discovered due to collaborations or I discovered completely on my own. Today, I am talking about another wonderful product that I have been using for over a month that has gave me clear skin called Maelove! Maelove’s”Clear Skin Kit” has helped my skin with breakouts while making it super smooth!

Skincare Chronicles: Clear Skin with Maelove


So I have always felt that I have problematic skin. I got pimples a lot when I was younger and my skin is super sensitive to acne where I get hyperpigmentation (dark spots) very easily even today. I have clogged pores. So when it comes to beauty products, my skincare routine includes products that has ingredients to address those issues.

Lately, I have been getting breakouts which I think is stress related. I mean with Covid-19 and job insecurity whose body is not sending out signals of distress? So being introduced to Maelove truly came just at the right moment to address my skin concerns.

Skincare Chronicles: Clear Skin with Maelove Skincare Chronicles: Clear Skin with Maelove


Maelove has a nice variety of products to address your skincare concerns. You can buy them individually or buy them in a kit to save money and give your skin the maximum benefit of the combined products. I have learned over the years that sometimes using 2-3 products from the same line/brand goes a long way vs buy one product from one brand and another from a different brand.

Beauty products are formulated to work together as a team -like a dance team. If you bring something foreign or someone (dancer reference) in the mix, it may still work, but it works better and smoother when everything came form the same “team”.

I got is the Clear Skin Kit that came with 4 products which promises clearer skin in 1 month!  I also added one more serum called The Hydrator for moisture due to having dry skin during this period. The 4 products included in the kit is a cleanser called The Refresher, a deep exfoliant called The Exfoliator, a calming serum called NIA 10 Calming Serum and to renew your skin at night the The Night Renewer which is my FAVORITE Maelove product!



So how was my experience using Maelove’s products and what was the result? First let’s talk about the cleanser. I love a good cleanser. What makes a cleanser great for me are not only the ingredients, but the ability to remove the makeup off my face without having to wash it twice or do a pre-wash. The cleanser smelled nice with a nice lather.

The Refresher is a triple AHA cleanser meaning it has three different types Alpha Hydroxy Acid in it – lactic, malic and tartaric. These acids are great of exfoliation and I love cleansers that have them. AHAs is water soluable and help peel away the surface of your skin so that new, more evenly pigmented skin cells may generate. I could tell definitely help keep my skin smooth after each morning use because noticed the difference with each makeup application. But don’t let the word “acid” freak out it. You don’t burn with this cleanser – its quite gentle.

The Exfoliator is a facial scrub that has a different Hydroxy Acid called BHA. BHA stands for Beta Hydroxy Acid which is oil-soluble. Unlike AHAs, BHAs can get deeper into the pores to remove dead skin cells and excess sebum. With this scrub, you only use 2-3 times a week. Its best to use at night because of sun sensitivity. I personally used it in the morning to help ensure smooth makeup application. We have been quarantined at home so no worries for sun exposure. I also used it on opposite days of the The Night Renewer.

Skincare Chronicles: Clear Skin with Maelove Skincare Chronicles: Clear Skin with Maelove

Before we discuss my favorite product of this kit (The Night Renewer), lets talk about the two serums. Both the Hydrator and the NIA 10 Calming serum, I used everyday twice a day. I personally love both serums because it dissolves in the skin so nicely without leaving a sticky film. Nia 10 stands for Niacinamide 10 which is popular vitamin (B3) in serums to help with shrink pores, wrinkles and strengthens the skin by improving the elasticity. 

I bought NIA 10 from another brand a couple of months before trying Maelove and used it only twice. I hated it because it was so sticky and left if peely film. Maelove’s does not do that and I can wear it under my makeup without any problems. Maelove NIA 10 is a nice serum with Zinc to help calm the inflamed skin due to acne breakout.

The Hydrator is not part of the Clear Skin Kit but I added it. It is a great serum with Hyaluronic acid, which is not a acid that strips or exfoliants, but actually adds moisture giving your skin that dewy look. This is my favorite Hyaluronic acid serum with B5 that I have tried. I actually see a difference and this one dissolves nicely. I even add a few drops on top of my makeup when I am feeling dry or want a dewy look. You can actually get 3 of Maelove Serums in a set.

Skincare Chronicles: Clear Skin with Maelove Skincare Chronicles: Clear Skin with Maelove Skincare Chronicles: Clear Skin with Maelove

Now for my favorite product is Maelove’s The Night Renewer which is part of the Clear Skin Kit. Why is this my favorite? If seeing and feeling how great the other 4 products worked during the day was not enough, the next morning after putting this cream on, I could not stop touching my face! My skin was extremely soft, smooth and dewy to touch and visually! 

This cream has another AHA in it called Glycolic Acid which I know so well because it helps fades dark spots/hyperpigmentation too. It is also a great exfoliant and helps with breakouts too. You start off by using this 3 times a week and you can increase from there as needed, but I found 3 times a week works great. It will sting just a little bit initially for a minute but nothing unbearable or bothersome in my opinion. The results have been better than other night creams and retinols that I used and I highly recommend it. and then you get use to it.

So using this product for more than a month I can say my small breakouts that i had went ahead in about a week and I have not had a breakout since. Maelove Clear Skin Kit is currently sold out as well as some of the individual products if you wanted to just to buy one product. But check back on May 20th when they should be back in stock!


*Sponsored Post: This post was sponsored but all thoughts and feelings are 100% my own with no outside influence.


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