Shop Affordable Fashion with SHEIN

Shop Affordable Fashion with SHEIN

Shop Affordable Fashion with SHEIN

Hey fashion lovers! I am excited to talk about one of my favorite affordable online stores and to share my exclusive 15% discount code! Many people have heard of SHEIN which is a China based online fashion retailer. They have some of the cutest on trend pieces and I personally love shopping there. Some may have had bad experiences with Chinese online retailers and perhaps it was with SHEIN in the past. But I am here to tell you that SHEIN has came a long way. I want to talk to you about SHEIN why I like to shop there and tips on how to make your shopping experience great. 

Shop Affordable Fashion with SHEIN


I love affordable fashion. Don’t get me wrong I love shopping high quality items from popular stores, but I understand not everyone has a budget for it. What attracts me to a store are their styles and trends. Some trends are very expensive due to the designers behind it. But sometimes stores such as Forever 21, Target and even SHEIN will make their version of a trend such as puff sleeves that is more affordable. 

Please don’t think that I am supporting online stores who will straight steal a complete design like a Burberry or LV design and pass it off. Nor am I am supporting stores who uses photos of other retailers on their website and pass it off as their own, and you end up getting a complete lower quality product.

With SHEIN, they keep up with the current trends of the season and create pieces that are affordable. Most are between $7-$20. Lately they have partnered with more higher quality designers and featuring their collections that cost more from $20-$50. Use my exclusive code FFFierce15 for 15% off your entire order with no minimum purchase for US & Mexico. The quality of pieces SHEIN makes has came a long way.

Back in 2016, they were notorious for bad quality, products arriving not like the photo and extremely slow delivery time. It use to take 30-45 days. Now they have warehouses within the United States and without additional expedited shipping you, your order arrives in the normal 7 days. Expedited shipping is with Fedex/DHL and I have received products in 2-3 days.


1.) Read the reviews! –If there are reviews, definitely read them and look at the photos so you can determine fit, quality and color. Sometimes the color could be slightly off. You really can get a feel for size by looking at peoples measurements and seeing what size they ordered comparing to your size.

2.) Size – SHEIN has improved on sizing over the years! A small is no longer a “Chinese” small but pretty much true to size. Sometimes I get things where it runs a little bit bigger or smaller. Being tall I run in the problem with blouse arm length or pant length. It does help to know your physical measurements and compare it to the size charts Measure yourself and compare it to their size chart too. 

3.) Winter Coats & Jackets– From my experience, SHEIN may not be the place to buy your Chicago winter coats and jackets. SHEIN’s pieces tend to run a lot thinner. The sweaters, cardigans and dusters are fine. But if you looking for heavy jacket, they will not come as thick and heavy and you want. A word of caution.

4.) Similar Recommendations– One thing that is great about SHEIN is that when looking at a product, they easily give you a whole long list of similar pieces of that same style that you are looking at automatically. Just keep scrolling. However this can take you in a never ending rabbit hole because you will be see more and more cute items that you never seen before which is not necessarily a bad thing though.

5.) Accessories & Handbags– SHEIN is definitely my go to spot for accessories and handbags! They have some of the cutest and inexpensive trendy pieces which typical ranges from $3-18. However, for the handbags, one thing that I have noticed is that they never really have a sturdy bottom mean it is baseless so it does not have a permanent formed bottom. Not all of them but some of them.


The pieces below corresponds to the outfits I have posted in this post. Find the piece and click on it and it will take you directly to the page to order. SHEIN does restock so if something is sold out but you can still add it to your Wishlist, it may come back in a few days, weeks or even a couple of months later. Don’t forget to use my code FFFierce15 for 15% off your entire order with no minimum purchase!

I hope you find some super cute pieces for this upcoming season! SHEIN just released their new 2021 Spring/Summer collection which many pieces has already sold out. But they should be restocking soon! Below are pieces that are not SHEIN but seen in my outfits above. Happy Shopping!



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