Become a Designer with Shoes of Prey

Become a Designer with Shoes of Prey

Become a Designer with Shoes of Prey

Hey everyone! So I just could not wait for this post and share with you these booties and tell you all about this amazing company called Shoes of Prey! Read to the end for a special code! Have you ever been to the store, or seen on the internet or magazine a pair of shoes and wished they carried them in your size, or in a particular color or in your price range? Well I can say that happens to me all the time and it can be so frustrating. Since I am a jolly green giant and wear a larger shoe size, I feel that cute shoes are always harder to find and not a wide selection especially since not all brands carry a US size 11. Most stop at size 10 from my personal experience! On location photography taken by Luisa’s Secret

Shoes of prey

Velvet booties

Now I have discovered a company where finding cute shoes in my size will not be a problem! Shoes of Prey is an amazing company with a very unique concept-custom make your shoes at non luxury prices. Now you can design your own unique shoes to your own personal taste and even better up to sizes US 15/UK 12.5/EUR 48!! For me, I am not big on labels…just style. So if brand ran out of my size, I could try to remake that same shoe with Shoes of Prey. If I see a real cute pair of pumps but need it in a different shade of green or in a different texture perhaps for a wedding bridal party, I can design it with Shoes of Prey! If I want to attend an event and want to stand out and have a showstopping shoe, I can design it with Shoes of Prey! And that is exactly what I did!

Be yourself because everyone else is already taken!” ~ Oscar Wilde

My Fierce Design

When thinking about my design, I knew for sure I wanted booties for the fall winter season! I originally wanted some metallic booties that I had seen at a couple of stores that did not carry my size. But then I thought-why create something that I could see other people wear or that is easily accessible!?I need to create a pair that reflects my name -Foreign Fresh Fierce. I love to stand out and be different and this was an awesome opportunity to do just that and have complete control over my design!

So one thing that you may have noticed on in my fashion is that I love mixing colors together. Things don’t always have to be so matchy matchy for me! My favorite color is purple, but I didn’t want to necessarily have a purple shoe. So I began to look at the blue color palette and found blue in velvet material. I definitely wanted to mix textures togethers and so I settled on a snakeskin for the accent streak. For the heel, I didnt want to be plain jane and choose a black heel but chose pink to bring out the pinks in the snakeskin. I ended up designing two pairs of booties, but settled on these babies because I could float them in the sprimg time whem transitioning my wardrobe. What do you think?


The Design Studio

Shoes of Prey has made designing your pair of shoes so simple-its not complicated at all. You can design a pair of heels, sandals, pumps, boots, flats and sneakers and each of these categories has a variety of designs to choose from. So if you to design a pair of sandals, there are so many styles of sandals to choose from. Another great feature is that pretty much every part of the shoe can be customsize-heel shape, heel height, strap, toe, zipper, sole, lining-you name it! This is a great feature so that way you can make your shoe as unique as you like. When choosing colors, there is a suggestion area that would suggest a particular material/color that could mesh well with your current choice. Thats sometimes can be helpful and for my heel, I did use their suggestiom which was a velvet pink heel versus a leather pink heel.

One thing that I love about the design studio is the favorites button. I have a collection of shoe designs saved to my favorites! As you play with colors, materials and features, you can save that particular version and keep editing and save more versions without having to start completely over from scratch. As you are building your shoe, you see a realistic 3D preview of the shoe that you are creating. I was worried that what I saw on screen would be totally different in person, but upon delivery, it was EXACTLY how it appeared on screen! I was soo happy!! 

Product Delivery

Delivery of my creation took about 2 weeks!! Presentation of the actual box that the boots were in was execllent. It was a nice hard box that I am currently reusing. Each shoe is comes individually wrapped and stuff. The big reveal was awesome!! I was extremely happy and pleased on how everything turned out. The quality of the velvet and snakeskin was amazing and looked expensive in my opinion.

There was not a single flaw on any of the boots. The box also included a cloth shoe bag which fit my booties-a bit snugged but the entire boots fit inside completely. For extra comfort, the box included 2 sets of toe inserts heel- and foamy pair, and heel grips. I honestly think I will never use those for my booties because they fit like a glove. They are perfect! Very comfortable and smooth in the inside with zero compliants!

So Shoes of Prey is going to be my new BFF and you should definitely check them out! All my followers can use my code FFFIERCE to get free inscription in the inside of your shoe a $49 value!!! You can put your name, a fun quote or like me, my blog name! Please be sure to read the terms & conditions of getting inscriptions on your shoes and how it affects returns/refunds. However, they have an awesome return policy! They will allow you to return unworn shoes up to 365 days from the date of delivery! So begin designing your creatiom today! Tag me on IG what you create! I would love to see them! Thanks for checking out my post! 

*Sponsored posts/Product reviews- I have received products/compensation/services for blog posts, but the thoughts, feelings and opinions written in each post are absolutely 100% my own with no outside influences!






  1. LaurenYesLauren
    January 4, 2018 / 7:44 PM

    You designed such a cute pair of booties! Love your decision to mix velvet with an accent strip of snakeskin- so chic! Thanks for introducing me to this new brand, babe!

    • Cindy S.
      January 5, 2018 / 3:18 PM

      Thank you so much for the sweet comment! Yes, this site is amazing! To create your own shoe is such a unique idea!


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