“You Can’t Buy Happiness but You Can Buy Ice Cream!”

“You Can’t Buy Happiness but You Can Buy Ice Cream!”

“You Can’t Buy Happiness but You Can Buy Ice Cream and That Is Kind of the Same Thing!”

Hey everyone! I am so excited to be talking about one of the things that I absolutely love!! DESSERT!!! I love sweets such a cakes, pies, candy and ice cream! I had the privilege to be invited to visit Savoy Sorbet kitchen which is in my local town! I have always been a big sorbet fan which is actually different from ice cream! In Italy, many Italians will have “sorbeto” as an after dinner drink. Yes, in Italy there sorbets can be served as a normal ice cream type dessert or they will serve it as a whipped drink with a bit of alcohol! My favorite! One of the best places I had sorbet was in the Amalfi coast in Positano! It was a lemon sorbet (one of my favorites) and it was SOOOO good and refreshing! It was actually a cool story on our Amalfi Coast sorbet experience that you can read here!

So when I was invited to visit the kitchen and sample the sorbet, I was super excited and gladly accepted! This company is family owned and got started in 2008. I got a chance to meet one of the owners who was super sweet! Coming from an event planning background, she wanted to do something different and start her own business with her husband. Savoy Sorbet has been an exciting growing business for them! So what exactly is Sorbet? Some people use sorbet and sherbet interchangeably but they are actually different. The biggest difference is that sorbet has no milk. It is a non-dairy product. It is mainly water, fruit and alcohol that is processed very smoothly and frozen. One thing that I learned about Savoy’s sorbets is that it is gluten-free, vegan friendly and ALL NATURAL!! In addition there are no GMOs! So I guess you can say you can eat all of their sorbets that you want because there is nothing harmful in it – at least this is how I personally feel! LOL

One of the sorbets I got to sample at their kitchen was the Triple Lemon!! It was sooo good and refreshing! I love lemon anything and the triple lemon is something that you have to try. If you are into entertaining and having dinner parties, this is a good flavor to clean your palate in between dishes. Many people use sorbets to clean their palate meaning if you are eating a particular flavor of meet and then about to switch over to a fish or something sweet, you should clean your palate or else you may not enjoy the flavors of the food correctly on how it was intended.

Savoy Sorbet have some very unique flavors that are really good! 10 flavors and more flavors to come! As I mentioned they have the triple lemon which is a traditional flavor of sorbet! They also have Blueberry sage which was one of my favorite flavors and Rosemary Rose! I know you are thinking these are two different flavors that I don’t normally don’t go together but when you do put them together it enhances the flavor. You gotta try the rosemary rose though it is so good! I also love creating cocktails out of sorbets already and it was good with both the blueberry sage and Rosemary rose.

So where in Texas can you enjoy this amazing sorbet?! Savoy Sorbet can be found at all Central Market Locations in Texas! Whoohoo! In the Dallas area, you can find them at Bolsa Mercado, Celebration Market, Cox Farms, Jimmy’s Food Store-my favorite store to shop Italian products, Munzee Marketplace, Rosemeade Market, and Spec’s. If you are interested in getting products shipped, you can go here and place an order! I am sure you will love all the unique flavors as much as I have!

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