Renter Friendly Walk-in Closet Remodel

Renter Friendly Walk-in Closet Remodel

Renter Friendly Walk-in Closet Remodel

Hey everyone! If you have been following me, you know that I recently moved into a new apartment and have been sharing different renter friendly and budget friendly ways to upgrade your apartment. I have shared kitchen upgrades, bathroom room upgrades and now my walk-in closest remodel!

Renter Friendly Walk-in Closet Remodel

Perhaps you are like me and live in an apartment that is nothing fancy. You want to upgrade your apartment but make it budget friendly. Here is one way to do it! My dream is to have a big walk in closest like I see in celebrity homes. But that won’t be happening any time soon or ever. Lol. So I began to think of what I could do to my closet to make it look nice. I immediately went to Pinterest to see what other people have done, but what other people have done still did not look glam enough for me or too much construction that would be a pain to remove when you move such as adding cabinets.


My issue with my closest was that it was small and I had a lot of shoes. Even with lining the up around the border of my closest, I still had so much shoes left over that would not fit on the built in shelves especially since 1 was going to be used for my purses and the 2nd would be covered by clothes since it sit in between two hanger rods.

Most people’s solution is using clear boxes to display shows that is stackable. That is a nice solution until I saw the price tag for boxes. When you have a lot of shoes, it is not feasible or cheap. Plus there maybe an issue with higher heels fitting in the box. Also who wants to remove shoes from boxes all of the time? I like to see my shoes when I think about creating outfits. Also the clear boxes is more for men’s closet if you ask me.

So I knew I had to take things “up” to find shelves for the wall space up.  So I went to IKEA and I bought 2 LACK Wall shelves. These are the thick ones that are 43 inches long. These were not long enough to reach the other side of my wall but that was ok. This allowed room for my taller heels to stand up comfortably since I could only space the next shelve so high so that I can fit another row of heels.  I staggered the shelves so there is a gap on opposite end and added a small wall mirror in the space for a bit of decor too. For me, I put my most colorful heels on the two shelves with neutral color heels (beige and blacks) on the built in bottom shelf. 


The next thing was to address for my closet remodel was the lighting! These closets always seem dark and yellow tint. So I hate painting, but found some cheap peel and stick wallpaper that had white background with gold shimmery dots. It was perfect because you could easily remove it. But it still seemed dark. Then researched light bulbs. All my life I only bought 60 watt light bulbs which gives that yellow light. Bright White bulbs at 100watts still had that yellow glow but just brighter and were perfect. I tried Daylight bulbs but it gave a blue tint and washed out the wallpaper.

So I wanted to add a pretty chandelier to give a more glam look! Then added a $30 chandelier that looked beautiful from Shop Wild Things! This was a 5 tiered chandelier with big diamond like pendants which gives a nice reflection on the walls. I have bought a long spiral chandelier from them and it is beautiful! This chandelier does come with a removable light bulb attachment to plug in but I wanted to use the closet’s natural light bulb area vs having a random cord to plug in. So I hung the chandelier using 18 gauge aluminum wire and 1 inch corner brackets to secure it to the ceiling.

For the last finishing touches, I added a full length mirror which is nice to have in the closet so I can try on pieces and if I don’t like it, it forces me to put it back on the hanger immediately. When I had the mirror in the bedroom, clothes ended up being on my bed. I secured the mirror with strong double sided tape. Lastly, add a faux fur rug and cute little ottaman and your closet is complete!

Note that I have my purses displayed on the taller shelf. There are a total of 18 purses up there. I display my prettiest ones up front and everything else behind them.

I hope you enjoyed these closet remodel hacks and tips to keep it both renter friendly and budget friendly. Follow me on Instagram for more home decor inspo! Stay tuned for more home decor blog posts as well!



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