PMD Personal Microderm- The Real Results

PMD Personal Microderm- The Real Results

PMD Personal Microderm- The Real Results

Winter is here which means cold weather and dry skin! My skin in the winter time is usually very dry and I feel that I need to exfoliate my skin more during the winter than the summer due dry skin. When my skin is dry, I feel like the moisturizers I put on my skin does not really penetrate. So the facial treatment that I have been giving myself for the couple of years has been doing at-home microdermbrasions. ***Currently a NORDSTROM ANNIVERSARY SALE ITEM FOR $99!***I use to go to a spa get micros done every to weeks and buy 6-8 sessions because I love the way my skin felt afterwards and the way my makeup looked afterwards too. Exfoliated skin makes makeup go on smoother and look absolutely stunning! I remember I would go on my lunch break and my coworkers would say when I came back, “What did you do to your makeup during lunch??? Your skin looks flawless!” Well my new “drug” was microderms.

But then after getting married and having more bills, I could not afford to do these as often. I usually would go to a place Etre Belle Med Spa in North Park mall before I would go on a vacation for a nice scrubbing. However, I began to look up at-home microdermabrasion machines. I read a million reviews and one of the best reviews that I read was PMD Personal Microderm machine. They had different devices, but I chose their original one which cost about $150. This may see a lot but you buy it and it is yours. One session at a spa would cost between $120-150 regular prices. Sometimes places would run a special and you pay for $89-99 each session. Because I would like to have them done more regularly for dark spots and exfoliation, I went ahead and bought it! It has a 30 day return policy so if I did not like it, I always had that option to return it.

I absolutely loved it!!! It was the best investment I made! The PMD kit comes with the handheld machine, how to book and cd to watch and learn how to properly use this machine. This is very important that you actually watch the video so you do it right and not mess up your face. The video will tell you not to do too many passes on your face. PLEASE LISTEN! You may have a troubled area that is really flakey and you want to do many passes but when you wash your face, it may be kind of raw. I learned the hard way because when you do multiple passes you cannot tell that it went through many layers since it is painless. You may be fooled in thinking that it did not exfoliate, but it really does.

Before I use the PMD, about a week before (I know my skin), I will give myself a peel to help loosen the dead skin on my face. I would either use ExfoliKate by Kate Sommerville which you can find a trial size version here or the Pumpkin Exfloiating mask  from Makeup Artists Choice, an online website. I sometimes will steam my face by boiling a pot of water to help open the pores and loosen the skin. I usually get a good exfoliation coming this method. For 20% off your order at Makeup Artists choice, please use my personal link here and use promo code TWENTY!

RESULTS?! You can see all the gunk that comes off your face which is gross but leaves your skin so smooth. I had not exfoliating my face with the PMD for a month or so because I have been so busy at work so I did a peel first, waited a few days and then exfoliated and had A LOT of dead skin that came off. Amazing but gross right?! I had a light of white dead skin on my face while I used the PMD which means I had a lot of dead skin on my face and I knew I would need to do another treatment in the next week. If you do not see white powdery stuff on your face, it is ok. It is still exfoliating.

By having an exfoliation like this means products that you buy will be able to penetrate your skin a lot better and deeper and not just sitting on the layer(s) of dead skin. Afterwards, I love to use PMD Recovery mask! My skin is super soft. There is also PMD Cleanser & PMD Toner. As far as moisturizer, I use is Murad Essential C moisturizer with SPF 30. This is the best moisturizer I found for my skin with vitamin C and SPF protection and leaves my skin so soft and supple too. I love this whole Essential C line of Murad and use their #1 Rapid Age Spot treatment too which works really good. You can find Murad at Ulta or Sephora.

Also when you use the disc, it is very important to begin with the white disc – the trainer disc that your kit will come with. This will help you see how your skin responds. Even though it is the lightest exfoliation, it really does exfoliate pretty good! I used that one for awhile before I went to the green. Now over time I have upgraded to the course (orange disc) and very course (red disc) levels. This gives a deep exfoliation! One thing that is also a plus with the PMD is there is another head and disc that is bigger for your body. Perhaps you have some trouble areas or scars/marks that you would like to get rid of, those discs can be good to exfoliate those areas too.

So I hope my beauty regimen helps you with your skincare goals! I absolutely love my PMD and think everyone should invest in to. Like I mentioned, the price of the machine is the same price as 1 microderm treatment at a spa so it pays for itself upon the first use! You purchase it directly on PMD website, or here or here. There is even the PMD Pro level as well. Leave me a comment below and let me know what us your beauty regimen.




  1. Nataly
    December 19, 2016 / 9:24 AM

    I have always wanted to give this a try! Great review girl!

  2. December 19, 2016 / 9:21 PM

    Great review. It’s always nice when you can find a beauty routine that works for you. Your skin is beautiful by the way. Xoxo

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