NYFW SS18: Day 2 Recap

NYFW SS18: Day 2 Recap

NYFW SS18: Day 2 Recap

Hey fashionistas! Are you ready for Day 2 of my first New York Fashion Week Experience!? Day 2 I was feeling good after an amazing, fun filled yet hetic Day 1! You can read about Day 1 recap here. I did not have as many shows to attend as yesterday but I was just excited to be able to attend some. Though I didnt not attend as many shows and events, it was definitely an unforgettable day where I learned a strategy that I continued to use on Day 3 and will do next year when I attend in Seotember. Check out my Day 2 recap below.

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Nyfw ss18 lyft ride

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Runa Ray Show

So for today’s look I went for the leather pants, military jacket which I call it my Michael Jackson/Janet Jackson Rhythm’s nation jacket! I absolutely love this jacket and got lots of compliments on it while walking the streets too! The Runa Ray show was held at a venue that I attended yesterday at Dream Studios. The show began late but I got to meet other bloggers and connect with them as well! We seated I saw a many bloggers that  I knew of which was nice to again connect “in real life” aka IRL. The Runa Ray collection was dedicated to “Mother Earth”. Many pieces were incorporated with leaves, flowers and branch designs. Not to many bright colors but natural whites, creams with beautiful fabric such as silk. Many of the pieces were very flowy and romantic – like a whimsical feel! Also you can sense the taste of her Indian culture in this collection as well. There was definitely a political/environmental message in her collection as well!


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Banana Republic Presentation – Olivia Palermo

The next show that I attended was the Banana Rpublic Presentation by Olivia Palermo!  Yes the Olivia Palermo was in attendance of this spectacular show! I did not get to meet her but I loved the presentation. The show began outside of the looong line that was wrapped around the 5th avenue location. They had the models do a presentation outside for everyone to see which I thought was great especially for those who could not wait in the long line to see the presentation in the inside such as myself. The Runa Ray show began late so by the time I made it to Banana Republic the line was very long and I did not have a VIP pass to attend and jump the line. So I ended up leaving so I can make it to my next event.

Photo Credit: Laft USA Olivia Palermo and models at the Banana Republic x Olivia Palermo presentation during New York Fashion Week


Skylight Clarkson: The Paparazzi

So one of the highlights of attending NYFW was getting photographed by the hundreds of photographers who wait outside Skylight Clarkson trying to capture those unique street styles. With these photographers, you don’t know who is shooting for a small time magazine who is shooting for Vogue or Elle Magazine. But my goal was to get seen and be seen! So though I did not have an event to attend, I still went there and walked the streets to get photographed. It was actually quite an adrenaline rush! Photographers asking me to pose and having me walk towards them! It was quite fun! I did stage some of my poses but to make it natural like talking on cell phone and checking my messages, looking for a taxi! LOL They ate it right up! So then because hat was fun. I wen back to the hotel, changed and did it all over again about an hour or so later. Same thing happened. So this will always be my key each time I attend NYFW so I can get photographed or interview hopefully to expand my brand.


Art Hearts Fashion w/ Nick Canon

 That evening I got to attend another Art Hearts Fashion show but this time there was a celebrity host! The Nick Cannon! I was real excited to attend this show in also hopes to meet Nick as well! Well it did not happen.  I guess if my seat was on the other side of the stage I would have been able to get a selfie like others were able to. For this event, I wore my bright pink satin wide leg pants that got a lot of attention because I mixed a lot of bright colors together. I did not get a photo of my outfit unfortunately but I wore, a shiny light turquoise blouse, yellow purse and turquoise heels! Got lots of compliments of course. The pants were from my favorite store Shop Akira! The show had a really good line up of designers. The music was great and the collection was a mix of high fashion, resort/swimwear and the unforgettable collection of designing fashion for women and dogs. Anthony Rubio stole the show with his collection which featured models walking the runway with live dogs. the dogs were very trained and were quiet well behaved. You could see some of the smaller dogs were terrified of the lights and sounds. They were obviously shaking in the models arms but they looked super cute and dressed to the T!


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Thank you for checking out my Day 2 recap! Stay tuned to my last recap Day 3!


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