NYFW SS18 Day 1 Recap

NYFW SS18 Day 1 Recap

NYFW SS18 Day 1 Recap

Hey fashionistas! ! Are you ready to hear about how Day 1 of my first EVER New York Fashion Week experience?! However I have been dying to share with you my FIRST New York Fashion Week experience!! I had always wanted to attend New York Fashion Week ever since I was little. I always had a fascination for fashion shows and always wanted to walk in a big one too! So to be invited to attend New York Fashion Week was definitely amazing! I initially had no plans on attending this year due to us coming back from Greece and I had been sick as well. But I kept keeping invited to events and brands automatically assumed I was going too and so I rethought about it. I only went for 3 days – Friday through Sunday.  The fashion week I attended was Spring/Summer 2018 or aka SS18 for short. This may be confusing for some because I attended in Fall of 2017. In case you didn’t know, when attending fashion week you are viewing runway shoes for a season in advance. So Fall/Winter 2017 was actually featured in Febuary 2017. This post is recapping Day 1 of New York Fashion Week.


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cascade ruffles spring fashion - Be a Stiletto in a Room Full of Flats by popular Dallas fashion blogger Foreign Fresh & Fierce

Beaded by W tassel earings

Flight & Hotel

So I was able to book the perfect flight for this mini trip – departed Dallas at 6am on Friday and departed New York on 8pm on Sunday getting a full 3 days in NYC! If I were to do this again I would depart on a Thursday because a lot of shows and events were happening on that day that I missed out on and a couple of shows that I really wanted to attend were on Friday morning that I had also missed. I flew on AA into LaGuardia which I recommend flying into this airport for New York Fashion Week. For one, flights are usually cheaper and two it is closer to where you need to be than JFK. We got a taxi from the airport to our hotel which I felt was in the perfect location. Good distance from the Airport and a good distance from all the shows and events I would be attending. It was about 25 minute ride to our hotel including a bit of traffic. We stayed in Midtown at the Hilton Garden Inn Midtown Park Avenue Hotel. All of the Lyft/taxi rides were almost about the same was ranging between $10 to $20. It was not hard to catch a Lyft or taxi from where the hotel was located but I primarily used Lyft Rides to get to and from shows and events. Also got to my shows on time with Lyft! Each day I went to multiple shows and I made it a point to change outfits at least twice a day. At NYFW this is the time to showcase your style and personality so you can be photographed and I wanted to be able shine through my style. My first outfit I wanted to show a little drama with the cascade ruffle top as well as color and I got many compliments on my outfit!


Fashion Shows

The first show that I had to attend was set to begin within 2 hours of my arrival so I had hustle in order to get there! The first show was Manaola. This was an amazing show for my first show! The Hawaiian brand began the show with a traditional Hawaiian performance that made you feel that you were in Hawaii. I absolutely loved how they incorporated their culture and tradition in this show and in their collection. The collection featured intricate gold patterns that was absolutely stunning. One of the male models was definitely the highlight of the show! He really performed and had an intense look as he walked the runway and featured the clothing. My next show was Vaishali S This was held at The Gallery at Dream Downtown. The line to this show was extra long but thankful I priority seating which means I get to stand in a shorter line and get seated in one of the first two rows first. Can we say VIP!? lol not really but it felt good to be escorted to the separate line. I was excited to get 2nd row at this show being that it was my first time attending. This collection I loved! Very feminine with a lot of flowy pieces mixing in a taste of the Indian style in each piece. There were shawls and wrap dresses with golds in almost every piece Not too many bright colors for a spring collection – there were shades of blue and some pops of reds but mainly neutral colors but still very feminine. I saw a few of my Dallas blogger friends at this show as well as other bloggers that I know via Instagram that I never met in real life but we have supported each other since the beginning. It was so amazing to meet everyone and to be recognized at the show. Sometimes you never know who really follows you and who is excited to meet you. So to have other bloggers recognize me and come up to say hello felt really good! So after the Vaishali show I had a break in between shows so I headed back to the hotel for an outfit change. I had another show at the same venue but this time it was Cindy Monteiro which happened to be one of my favorite shows that I added at NYFW. One thing that I love is great music and the music set the mood of this show! The music fit the collection of the pieces she showcased! The collection was very unique with a mix of flowy pieces with an island like resort flare which fit perfectly with the music choice of Elji Beatzkilla.

manaola nyfw ss18

Photo Courtesy of Oxford Studios

NEW YORK, NY - SEPTEMBER 08: Designer Vaishali Shadangule and model walk the runway for Vaishali S SS2018 - Runway - New York Fashion Week: First Stage at The Gallery at The Dream Downtown Hotel on September 8, 2017 in New York City.

Vaishali S SS18 : Photo by Thos Robinson/Getty Images for Vaishali S

NEW YORK, NY - SEPTEMBER 08: A model walks the runway for Cindy Monteiro - Runway - September 2017 during New York Fashion Week at The Gallery at The Dream Downtown Hotel on September 8, 2017 in New York City

Cindy Monteiro: Photo by Thos Robinson/Getty Images for Cindy Monteiro


Style Collective Party

After this show I headed over to the Style Collective Party! Style Collective is a community of female influencers/bloggers where we all support each in the blogging industry. This community of women has been so helpful and getting my blog going. There have been bloggers in other states that I have communicated with but never met in person until this party! I was sooo excited! It was amazing Party outdoors in NY with wine, food and music! It really felt like a NY experience! Annie Spano the founder of Style Collective is so sweet and has an amazing tribe! It was so great to meet her in person! She has help me so much with blogging and always answer my questions!


Art Hearts Fashion Show

After the Style Collective Party, I headed over to the Art Hearts Fashion Show which was in another part of NYC in East Village on Norfolk Street! I loved the shows that Art Hearts Fashion put on. I attended 2 shows with Art Hearts Fashion! The lighting and everything made the shows really come alive! I got to be front row for this show which included the collection from Fernando Alberto Atelier. The pieces in this collection were sooo beautiful! Definitely right up my alley with all the colors! So many flowy colorful and feminine pieces with a tropical flare! At Art Hearts Fashion shows multiple designers were featured and not just one. Fernando Alberto was one of my favorite ones!

I have to say Day 1 was definitely an amazing start to my first NYFW experience! If you followed along online, what shows did you enjoyed watching? Thank you for reading and check out Day 2 recap!




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