NYFW SS18 Day 3 – Jaw Dropping Street Style

NYFW SS18 Day 3 – Jaw Dropping Street Style

NYFW SS18 Day 3 – Jaw Dropping Street Style

Hey fashionistas! Thanks for checking out the recaps of my first New York Fashion Week experience! It was more than what I imagined it would be and I had a great time! I loved meeting some of my blogger babes in real life and being at a New York Fashion Show – something I have always wanted to attend ever since I was little! It felt so surreal! I love runway shows and seeing the latest designs. I even love all the NYFW Street styles where you see everyone sporting that individual styles. This will definitely not be my last NYFW experience. I hope to come back next year! So this is my NYFW Day 3 recap of my last day in New York. I only had 2 shows to attend but this was the most exciting day of all 3 days! Hence the reason why I wrote “Jaw Dropping Street Style”! Read on to find out the reason!

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My day began with a photoshoot with my favorite photographer from Dallas Luisas Secret! We got some awesome shots at the famous Flat Iron Building! I have always been very fascinated by this building because it is a very unique structure since it resembles an actual iron. We shot early in the morning around 8am which was nice because it was not too hot and not too many people yet for a Sunday morning. I have to shout out to the taxi drivers who understood the fact that bloggers and models want to get a shot with the classic iconic yellow taxi cab in the back. While one was at a red light, acted like I was going to open the door but stood there and took photos. Then I felt the door unlock! That was so sweet of him! I thank him for his kind gesture and then we took some more shots and he was on his way! After that photoshoot, I headed to my first show of the day at Skylight Clarkson! So as usual I got there a little early so that the “paparazzi” can take my photo! There was one area that I had not walked by and that was the back of the venue! It was the best decision yet! I was with my friend Hollie of Fashions of Fancy and we both got stopped and interviewed ON CAMERA by Fashion Live TV (FNL Network). I had seen them do coverage at all the shows I attended so I was SUPER EXCITED to be interviewed by them! My look that morning, I wore my Shop Akira pink wide leg pans and ruffle white bodysuit with my yellow purse and multi-color pom pom heels! We signed a release for them to show the footage on TV. Here is my interview here! I was so nervous. Lol

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Dan Liu Show SS18

Dan Liu was my first show at the main venue Skylight Clarkson! This is where all the big designer runway shows takes place that you see on TV and magazines! The venue was so big and so much to see and there outside of the show! I got priority seating but was in 3rd row. It was not the best row to be in, but I was happy to have been there. I love second row because you can get good shots without people’s heads getting in the way! The theme of this collection was peacock feathers! He incorporated these beautiful feather with each model from placing them on their foreheads, objects that they were holding or having the models wear them as eyebrows! The cocktail attire collection was very beautiful with lots of soft pastel colors such as light pinks, mango, seafoam green and with pops of red too. The message “Smell the Sea, Feel the Breeze, Hear the Ocean, Be at Ease,” was the true inspiration of this beautiful collection. I truly enjoyed this show! Afterwards, I chatted with the bloggers and I spoke to brief with Miss France & Miss Universe 2016 Iris Mittenaere and her stylist Marquis Bias. She was very nice and absolutely stunning! I loved her outfit soo much which is why I stopped to speak to her. I did not know who she was before speaking to her but I was so feeling her outfit.

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Leanne Marshall Show SS18

The Leanne Marshall show was the last show that I attended and was a great one to end an amazing weekend! Her collection consisted of beautiful bright flowy dresses that I could have in my closest! There was not one ugly or semi ok dress in the collection. The show was quite interesting too since the models came in different directions but there was as flow to the show. Thr collection was very feminine and colorful truly embracing the spring theme! There was a beauitful yellow dress that captured by attention! Very bright and flowy something that I would wear attending a formal event, wedding or at an exotic destination for dinner. The quality of each piece was beautiful as well! The collection definitely had  tropical feel and what I loved about it most was that she featured models of all shape, ethnicities and sizes. A powerful message showing that her line looks good on every women and it not targeted just for one look or size! Everyone can look beautiful! I was so happy that she had such diversity in her collection.

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Afterwards I got to meet some amazing bloggers, reconnect with an actress that I had met on Friday of New York fashion week and a singer! I was actually sitting two seats down from Color Me Courtney who I absolutely adore and being following for a long time. Her personality is exactly as expected in real life as you see on her feed! She was super nice and we took a couple of selfies which was cool! Then I met Westvillage Wasp who’s style is very unique colorful and bold! she was super sweet and hilarious and we are now following each other on Instagram so we can stay in touch! Also Lauren Dariana who is a NY native and sings for Yanni! She was so super sweet and we talk and still keep in touch! Francesca Curan I met her on Friday and actually came up to her because I adored her outfit! Bright bold and colorful like me! She was so nice and complimented on my outfit too and we chatted a bit. She told me that she was an actress, but I did not think anything of it. Then I saw her at the Leanne Marshall show and she was wearing an awesome dress and had to get a picture with her so I could remember her and her dress!

Through her photographer Sherridon Poyer, I got to go backstage to get our photo since she had to meet the LEANNE MARSHALL for an interview/photo shoot. I felt so awkward because I am a total nobody next to all these people backstage. I was standing right next to Leanne Marshall I just didn’t have the courage to say hello and that I loved the collection. I was just too scared. Those who know me may be shocked because I am normally quite FEARLESS! While waiting to take a photo I met up again with Miss Universe and Miss USA and their stylist. So we chatted some more while I waited. I got my photo with her and said goodbye to Francesca. We were already following each other on Instagram and while headed to the airport I decided to look her up to see who she was since she got to go backstage! She was definitely an actress – a pretty big one that plays in Orange is the New Black which I never seen an episode. I was quite shocked because she was sooo down to earth and sweet and I felt like she was just like one of us. I have met celebrities who are very cold and she was definitely not that at all. I hope to see her again one day. 

Photo Credit: Sherridon Poyer – Francesca Curran of Orange is the New Black

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 So after the shows are over, what possibly could happen that can top the already amazing experiencing that I was having?! Well I took the long way to catch a taxi so I could pass by the photographers. The one photographer stopped me and asked if he could take my photo. He asked me to walk for him and do some poses. After he was done, he said thank you and that he was a photographer for Cosmopolitan and I will be on the website soon!! I almost peed on myself! I thanked him gave him my card!! When it was posted I was #5 of 88 on Cosmopolitans Jaw Dropping Street Style Photos From New York Fashion Week! I was so excited! He added more photos and so there are 139 total! I was so excited!! And again Akira clothing brand made another good impression at NYFW! 


Thank you for checking out my recaps of my 3 days at New York Fashion Week! I learned so much and I was so glad that I was able to have this amazing experience! I will definitely be back next September!


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