Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2017: Beauty Exclusives!

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2017: Beauty Exclusives!

Hey everyone!! So I have another Nordstrom Anniversary Sale post but this one is a bit different! The sale is not all about clothes but it is also a great time to get some nice beauty products on sale! When I went to the preview sale, I browsed through the beauty section quickly, but headed for clothes since I knew I had a lot to try on for Dressing Room Diaries. Because of this, I did not realize how many of my favorite beauty products that I have been using for YEARS were on also part of the sale and crazily discounted!

Nordstrom anniversary sale beauty

So this post is about what my TOP 7 Beauty Must Haves are for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! I am onlt featuring products that I already owned PRIOR to the sale! So all these items have definitely have used for a longer period of time and can honestly say I love them because I still use them to this day or have continued to purchase and repurchase time after time.

The very first item is the Personal Microderm Device from PMD Beauty! I actually did a review of this back in December which you can read here! I have been using this for almost 3 years and it works great! It basically pays for itself after 1 use. Going to a salon to get 1 microderms cost just as much as the device that you can keep forever do multiple treatments on yourself!  Now that it is on sale, it is even cheaper! Saving about $80!! I have the classic green PMD Device– it says hand & foot which I honestly don’t know why but I just it for my face and  body as the cd it comes with suggests.  There is also the PMD Pro device which costs a bit more but the savings is still incredible! Definitely go get this one! Check out my photo of the results of using this just after one use! Pretty gross but awesome at the same time! The Recovery Mask is also great after the treatment keeps my skin so soft and moisturized!

PMD Beauty

The NARS Velvet Matte Lipstick pencil set are the best! I was curious about this lipstick pencils and NARS was the first one I got! I actually love it! It glides on smooth and this set comes with a bag and mini sharpener!

The Lancôme Lash Lovers set is pretty awesome! I actually have not been using this on for a very long time but I have 3 of the 5 products that comes in this set- the makeup remover, Clis Booster XL and  Monsieur Big Mascara! All of Lancôme’s products are great and a great time to get them or give as a gift for someone!

Beauty Blender!!! I have been using this original brand for over 5 years and have never switched since! It is the only thing that gives you an airbrush finish! I remember one beauty blender was $19 so a set of two plus the cleaner (a must) and a bag for $35 is a STEAL!! Yes there are knock offs out there but trust me…stick to the real thing!

MAC Cosmetics is my favorite line of makeup and most of my makeup is from MAC! The quality is good and they last forever! The Look in a Box Early Red Lip Kit is must for the Fall/Winter period. Red lipstick in actuality red lipstick is always in style for all seasons! This 3 piece set includes the primer, line and the lipstick! Great gift idea too!

Last beauty product to snag for the sale is the MAC Look in a Box Advance Brush Kit! So I always thought it does not matter what brushes you use when applying makeup …it is all the same! Well when I got my first MAC set of brushes, it convinced me it is totally wrong. Some brushes eat up too much make or don’t pick up enough makeup or does not apply smoothly. There are so many factors that make a good brush set! My make set of brushes was my favorite! Yes I wrote it in past tense because I accidently left it on the plane! Ugghh I almost cried! Definitely get this brush set because even at the MAC stores, they don’t always have a brush set like this for this price. They usually get a few around the Holidays only.

So there is my roundup! Thanks for reading and let me know what is your favorite beauty product from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!



Stay fresh & FIERCELY you!

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