Nordstrom Anniversary Sale – Popular Accessories to Buy!

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale – Popular Accessories to Buy!

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale – Popular Accessories to Buy!

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is in full swing and there is so much to see and buy! One area that many people have not put focus on that are still fully in stock are all the accessories! Scarves, hats, earrings and jewelry are just of few things that are great to stock up on. So I am sharing with you my favorite Nordstrom Anniversary Sale accessories and what items I think you should have in your cart! The prices are amazing especially considering the name brands such as getting designer handbags like a Kate Spade bag under $100! Check it out below! Photo credit Luisa’s Secrets and earrings by BeadedbyW. Also check out my other NSale posts below:

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My favorite accessory from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is this scarf! This 100% silk scarf is a 2 n 1 where you wear it as a traditional scarf or where it as a kimono which is my favorite way. This scarf was sold out in-store on the first day – Level 4 card holders. I actually got the last piece. Most all of their kimonos sold out very quickly. I have a post on restock alerts which you can find here! But this 2 n 1 scarf comes in various colors/designs and it great for all seasons really summer or fall! You can dress it up with a simple black dress or where it with a tank and jeans as you see me here. The other hot item that sold out the first day were the floral kimonos which really looks like a satin duster! these have been quite popular the past few seasons and I own a couple myself! The floral blue sold out pretty fast but there is also a pink. Lastly, this is definitely a good time to stock up on the cashmere wraps! These are a must have staple that will last for years! They come in a different colors and these are selling out fast as well! Usually before the public access of NSale there is a restock of items. Stay tuned this Friday July 20th for updates!





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Well these are my NSale picks for accessories! Leave and comment & let me know what you think of them! Again, stay tuned to my restock alerts whenever something is restocked, I will update this post here! Also don’t forget to check out my other post on Popular NSale items that are selling fast here!


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