Make Your Home Smell Like a Hotel with Brilliant Scents

Make Your Home Smell Like a Hotel with Brilliant Scents

Make Your Home Smell Like a Hotel with Brilliant Scents

Hey home decor lovers! I am excited to talk to you about my new favorite home item that has been a game changer to my new small apartment. Would you like you like your home smell like a hotel resort?  If you have been following me on Instagram you know that I had moved late last year and been enjoying making my new space something warm and inviting. One of theme that I wanted this new space to feel like is like a beautiful luxury hotel but on a budget. Brilliant Scents Home Scenting system has been something that has contributed to this effect! Check out how and save on your order with my code Cindy10!

One thing about traveling is I love the scents that make the travel memorable. Scents meaning the smell of beautiful hotels! Whether I am traveling to Miami or the French RivieraI love the relaxing smells of hotels that put you at ease. Brilliant Scents can help you do just that! Have you ever wonder how do hotels get the ENTIRE hotel space consistently smelling good 24/7? Well they use a scenting system through the HVAC and Brilliant Scents also offers this same system too.

However, with having a small apartment I got the LX500 Luxury Scenting System for my living room and bedroom. This home diffuser is small and sleek in style which matches my contemporary home decor. I love about this is it is not a plug in but free standing (with adaptor). So you can place it pretty much any where like at a higher level so that way the scent can circulate better. Using a diffuser is so much better and safer. For one, you are not constantly having to burn candles and using them up so fast just to have the scent remain in the home. You end up spending more money when simply relying on candles are small wallflowers from Bath and Body Works.

It is very simple to use and has a remote so you can control how offer the diffuser lets how the scent and the intesity too. I love using hte highest intensity when I first get it for 8 hours and then I scale down. Also I use the highest intesity for an hour after I finish cooking so it still smells nice vs chopped garlic or anything I was cooking. Also it is so effective that it completely masks the neighbors cigarette smoke that comes through my vents so I am so happy for that.

Brilliant Scents also have a wide range for natural essential fragrance oils to choose from! They are broken out in different collections: Destination Series, Spa Series, and Anthology Series. The best way to decide on which scent is right for you is by ordering a blotter sample pack so you can smell all the ones and see what fits your home. It took me 2 weeks to decide which scent was right for me and for which room. I ended up choose one from the Anthology Series and one from Desination Series.

Romance is from the Anthology collection and also happened to be there #1 top seller. I loved this scent for my bedroom because it is a soft relaxing scent and not over powering. For the living room, I choose Positano from the Destination collection and love this one as well. A few other favorites for me are French Riviera and Monte Carlo. All of their fragrances are 100% natural, chemical free products that are safe for use around all ages and pets! Again definitely order a sample pack first so you can decide which one works better for you. Don’t forget to save on your 1st order with my code Cindy10!

Stay tuned for more home decor posts as well! My final home decor blog post has been delayed due to the delays with my apartment doing repairs and painting on all the of the exteriors. My balcony is my last outstanding piece that I am working on right now! Can’t wait!


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