JELESSI Torche V2 Anti-Aging Light Therapy Facial

JELESSI Light Therapy Facial featured on top Dallas beauty blog, Foreign Fresh & Fierce

JELESSI Torche V2 Anti-Aging Light Therapy Facial

Hey beauty gurus! So I am excited to feature a new beauty product on the blog today! It is not just a product but a very cool device that you might have heard about celebrities such as Kate Hudson, Jessica Alba and Kim Kardashian doing as well! I will be talking about Light Therapy. You may have seen the photos of different women getting Light Therapy Facial treatments such as the masks that emits red or blue lights. I have always wanted to try out this type of facial treatment because I heard so much good things and seen various before and after results. The device that I was able to test out is from JELESSI and in particular I tried the JELESSI Torche V2 + Amber Light!  In this post will be discussing the different types of light therapies, the benefits, the Jelessi Light Therapy treatments and my results. Photography credit: J and J Studio!

JELESSI Light Therapy Facial featured on top Dallas beauty blog, Foreign Fresh & Fierce Jelessi light therapy

JELESSI Torche Light Therapy – What is Light Therapy

So what exactly is light therapy and what are the benefits in doing so? Well the reason why light therapy treatments have been so popular is due to all the skin benefits that it brings in a non-invasive way. Rather than simply treat skin issues on the surface, light therapy stimulate changes within your skin at the deepest dermal level of your skin, which can result in smoother skin, less wrinkles and fine lines, helps diminish dark spots, less noticeable pores. The cells of your skin respond and absorbs light in different ways. Depending on the color of the light that you are putting on, will result in different out comes which is why light therapy has been so effective before different wavelengths/colors stimulate the cells of the skins. The most popular types of light therapies are red, blue and green lights that you most commonly see. The Red/Amber lights is commonly used for those looking for anti-aging benefits. It  boost collagen, reduce inflammation and banish acne-related bumps and scars. This is what I was interested in smaller pores and hyperpigmentation. My skin is so sensitive and I can have a mark after getting a blemish. So I love trying out different products to see what works so I can share them with you all since I know many of my followers suffers the same thing. I must say that the JELESSI Torch V2 device help me see some of these results. Below is a chart on how deep different lights can penetrate your skin.

JELESSI Light Therapy Facial featured on top Dallas beauty blog, Foreign Fresh & Fierce

JELESSI Torche Light Therapy – What’s in the Box

So when you order the JELESSI Torche V2 Amber Light it comes in a rectangular box that opens in a cool way! The box includes the charging stand, charger, mini box with the manual, soft carrying pouch and cloth to swipe after each use. It did come partially charged but made sure to charge it overnight so I am sure I am getting the full effect. The charge lasts for quite some time. I tried to remember to charge it after each use just to be safe. The box is pretty sturdy and I have kept it so in case I move or something, the box will protect it.

JELESSI Light Therapy Facial featured on top Dallas beauty blog, Foreign Fresh & Fierce JELESSI Light Therapy Facial featured on top Dallas beauty blog, Foreign Fresh & Fierce JELESSI Light Therapy Facial featured on top Dallas beauty blog, Foreign Fresh & Fierce JELESSI Light Therapy Facial featured on top Dallas beauty blog, Foreign Fresh & Fierce

JELESSI Torche Light Therapy – The Process

To use the JELESSI device is quite simple. There is two ways you can use this device – by turning it on and using the light therapy only or turning on the heat in addition for light & heat therapy combination. I have always used it with both. It does get hotter than a “warm” temperature but it is not uncomfortable hot/warm. It is just a right temperature. For optimal results they do recommend that you do both which is what I did. So the key is not to stay in one spot too long (3-5) and to have the device constantly moving. So you want to do this on a clean face only with no oils. If you face is not super dry, I found it hard for the device to guide smoothly. Though you may not see it, if you have this kind of lighting on your skin for too long it could damage your skin. Remember it wont be surface damage because the light is penetrating to a deeper dermal layer. I only used this product on my face in particular an area where I had some acne marks. Also I used it at night as well. My mornings are way to crazy to do this kind of treatment in the mornings. Afterwards I used the HD2 Hyaluronic DUO cream. This is a good product by JELESSI to use after treatment both morning and night. There is two pumps- the lighter one for day and the darker one at night. The product helps maximize the results of the light therapy as well. I noticed some results of the light therapy by itself and when I began to use the product more regular, I saw better results.

JELESSI Light Therapy Facial featured on top Dallas beauty blog, Foreign Fresh & Fierce JELESSI Light Therapy Facial featured on top Dallas beauty blog, Foreign Fresh & Fierce JELESSI Light Therapy Facial featured on top Dallas beauty blog, Foreign Fresh & Fierce JELESSI Light Therapy Facial featured on top Dallas beauty blog, Foreign Fresh & Fierce

JELESSI Torche Light Therapy- The Results

So what kind of results did I experience? So I tried my device for about 4 weeks. Week 1 I used it about 3 times a week. Week 2 had to go out of town and I did not want to bring the device so I had a 1 week break. Then I began on Week 3 which I used 3-4 times a week. The last two weeks (4 weeks of usage) I used it 4-5 times a week. Within the first two weeks of usage I did not see much difference in the spots I wanted to address. I found out that you won’t see those results if you are not consistent (I had a 1 week break in the middle) and in a 1-2 week time frame. However by the end of 2 weeks I did notice some skin smoothness and my pores were smaller. At this point, I had not introduced the HD Hyaluronic cream yet. Once I did and increased my usage, I saw better results. Below is my before and after. If you were to go to a salon, you would spend about $200-300 or more per treatment. This is something that you would need to do in sessions. When it comes to simple treatments like this, I am believer in investing in the device so a few treatments pays for itself or if new issues comes up you have the device and do the treatment in the comfort of your home. Also I like this wand version of light therapy vs the masks. Perhaps there are other parts of your body that you would need to spot treat. the JELESSI device is perfect for this!

JELESSI Light Therapy Facial featured on top Dallas beauty blog, Foreign Fresh & Fierce

Before and After

JELESSI Light Therapy Facial featured on top Dallas beauty blog, Foreign Fresh & Fierce

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