Instagram Down: Keeping Up with Cindy

Instagram Down: Keeping Up with Cindy

Hey everyone! So yes our beloved Instagram is down…what are we going to do?!? Lol We will do what we normally did before Instagram was ever a thing. Enjoyed life off of social. With so many Instagram Down days lately as an influencer it really made me think that we should not get too attached to apps that we don’t own nor have control over.

One day Instagram may be gone forever. But what I can say is I own my blog and website and you can continue to keep up with me on my blog especially this page here. I will use this page as my IG feed and stories and post photos, videos and thoughts here. So if Instagram is ever down again, just bookmark this page and Keep Up with Me, #CindyStories #Cindygram!

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    November 28, 2019 / 11:59 AM

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