How to Style Zara Short Fur Jackets

How to Style Zara Short Fur Jackets

How to Style Faux Fur Jackets

That is right! Winter has finally arrived and even here in Dallas! Though summer and warmer temperatures are my preferred climate, it is time for change and cooler temperatures means new wardrobe options. So as temperatures drops, it means it’s time to look ugly and wear sweater shirts and pants because it is too cold to look cute, right?! HAHA Of course not! It’s now time to bust out all your fufu, leather, furs, and fuzzy everythings while you sip on that pumpkin spice latte! I love this quote because I feel that even in the cold temperatures and layers, you can still make a fashion statement in the winter time!

Wearing fur coats are my absolute favorite winter fashion piece to wear! I think it is glamorous and always keeps me warm. When I saw this fur coat at Zara, I stopped dead in my tracks! I loved the color and I love the type of fur it was. Sometimes fur coats resemble the fur of animals- very short hairs and then this one was longer fur and string-like and has movement when you walk. This green looks good with just about everything, but you know me…I love the mix colors up and I thought a nice pale pink/mauve would really make this coat pop! This was a very fun shoot I did with photographer Megan Weaver in Downtown Dallas and even during the shoot, many people stopped and gave compliments. It is definitely a show stopper!

I am wearing a size medium and I bought it in store at the Dallas Galleria Mall location. I love the cut of the neck which is round and it comes with pockets on the side. I remember trying on this coat at Zara and the sales associate came up to me and said “You know I never really like that coat when we got but now that I see it on you, I get it now! It looks good!” So who knows – maybe she ended up getting her some fufu too! 🙂

For the sweater that I wore with it, I got it from a local Dallas boutique called Archer London! They have an online store as well and this sweater is soo pretty. Its called Gemma which it looks like you can only find in-store at the moment. It is a metallic type sweater that can go great in the summer or winter. It is holey so you can wear a tank top underneath or a long sleeve top in colder temperatures. The pants are soft high-waisted skinny jeans from Charlotte Russe! I have bought these in multiple colors! I am a big high-waisted jeans type-girl. These pants are on sale for $25 right now! You can find them online or in-store. For my bag, I love my vegan leather mini cross body from 88 Handbags! This bag is so cute and you can read my review on here where it will have links to the bag that is only $29.99 retailed for $70!

So I hope this post gave you so winter fashion inspiration! Leave me a comment and let me know what is your favorite winter fashion piece!




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