“Woman can Carry a Bag But It’s the Shoe that Carries The Woman!”

“Woman can Carry a Bag But It’s the Shoe that Carries The Woman!”

“A Woman can Carry a Bag But It’s the Shoe that Carries The Woman!” ~ Christian Louboutin

Hello Fashionistas!! Happy Monday! I am so excited to be talking about an AMAZING brand and concept called Heelusions!!! So if you are following me on Instagram you have may have seen me wear these heel accessories on my favorite pairs of pumps! Well now I am going to talk about them a little bit more on my blog! I am all about diversity and have a variety of styles whether in clothing or in shoes. But having a variety usually means buying so much stuff that it is costly especially when it comes to shoes. Now with heelusions, you can change your heels like you change earrings is the moto on their website. All my followers get $5 off your order by using FFFIERCE5!

Heelusions heel accessory

Heelusions heel accessory

Heelusions heel accessory

Many times you may think “may I wish I had a leopard pair of pumps to go with my bag or pink pumps to match my lipstick. You may not own a whole lot of leopard or pink so you may not feel motivated to buy pink  and leotard shoes. Heelusions can solve that issue for you. They have a variety of colors and styles of heel backs where you can change up the backs of your heels! They are use to use and very affordable! Plus it goes will almost every type of heels even some booties.

It is all about accessorizing your heels!! Another nice idea behind heelusion is that these are perfect for worn down pairs of pumps where the backings are all messed up. Instead of throwing away the shoes, fashionably disguise them by adding a heelusion. Putting on the heelusions is very easy. You can go here to see a how-to video. All but one (beige heels) of my heels have an ankle strap on there so there is a little loop that I have to deal with. I find that the Velcro adhesive works well that I can use the backing to heel keep the loop down. As you may know I love mixing colors and patterns and this concept allows you to do just that.

heel accessory heelusions

Photo courtesy of heelusions.com

So definitely go check out their selection of styles and colors and see what the buzz has been about! Heelusions has been seen on Vogue and Kevin Harrington of Shark Tank has also featured this awesome concepts! I am sure you will love your heelusion as much as I love mine!

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Stay fresh & FIERCELY you!

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