Greek Beauty Product Must Haves!

greek soap

Greek Beauty Product Must Haves!

Hello travelistas and beauty gurus! Today I am adding another post to the Greek Travel Experience section of the blog! I will discussing beauty products to purchase when traveling to Greece! Greeks have always been known to have beautiful skin and to hold the secret to the fountain of youth! When staying at hotels, I had noticed all the bath amenities were high quality, fragrant and contain the staple product olive oil. No matter what island you visit, you will see that olive oil products are sold a lot due to Greece being known for their olive trees and olives such as the kalamata olive. I personally took home a few Greek beauty products mainly Greek soap for myself and gifts for family and friends. Besides products with olive oil, I also bought products with volcanic lava and donkey milk! ***2022 UPDATE w/ new link to White Donkey

Glowing Skin is Always In!”

Oia santorini


Greek Soap: Donkey Milk

While in Greece, I discovered many products with amazing skin benefits such as volcanic lava and donkey milk! Yes thats right, one of my favorite products that I saw results in literally a FEW HOURS is a product I bought in Santorini that contains high quality donkey milk. When looking at travel sites, you see people posing with donkeys or taking a donkey ride in Greece. Little did I know that there are a lot of great benefits from their milk. On the last evening in Oia Santorini, we were heading back to our hotel on the main road and we stopped by a shop called Chromata kai Aromata that sold a lot of beauty products such as soaps, shampoos and perfumes.

The owner came out and spoke to me explaining the products the had.  In the beginning, I thought he just really wanted to sell me something but I listened. However as he began to explain his products and as I read the packaging, I was very intrigued in what he was saying and he seemed very sincere too.  He was very confident is his donkey milk line which is called White Donkey that he sold and explained all the benefits. Donkey milk helps with regeneration of the skin and acts against the first sign of aging. With White Donkey it contains the purest form of donkey milk a higher grade that he stated cannot be found anywhere else but he sold it in Santorini. His 24 Hour Face Cream contains Vitamin A,C,E, retinol which aids tissue development and heals damaged skin. It also contains Aloe Vera and coenzyme Q10. This face cream works like a miracle! The first time I used it, I went to bed around 2:30am and put some on my face where I had an acne scab. When my alarm clock rung at 7am, the scab was completely gone and fresh smooth skin was there! I couldn’t believe it!!! He was right and I was so glad I listened and bought it! At the time, I was only going to buy the classic White Donkey soap with donkey milk, but in the end I got the 24 Hour Face Cream which I am glad I did! Him and his wife were very nice and gave me compliments and even gave me samples of their other products they sold! I am already running very low on my face cream. I use it all the time! Chromata kai Aromata ships internationally so you can order online!

white donkey santorini

white donkey santorini

Greek Soap: Volcano Lava

Another popular soap that you will see in Greece is this black bar of soap called Volcano Black Soap! I saw this brand in Athens and again in Santorini but it was not until I was in Santorini that I decided to buy a couple of bars. Santorini is an island made from a volcano so this is a popular soap for natives there. This is 100% pure soap made with olive oil and volcano lava! This is great for acne prone skin and has therapeutic properties such as increase blood flow and tone muscle and tissues. Volcanic Ash is also high in sulphur, an active mineral ingredient which not only helps the body to resist bacteria but actually destroy it. It has been used as a remedy for skin infections and bacteria  It is also great from dry skin and those with eczema. I use this soap for my body and so I can save the donkey milk soap for my face! Don’t let the color scare you. It does not stain nor has a harsh scent. It smells quite soft. This soap is pretty inexpensive ranging from 5-6 euros a bar.

volcano lava soapvolcano lava soap

Greek Soap: OLIVE OIL

The last beauty product I will discuss that I bought were oil olive soaps. I first saw these soap while walking in Plaka area of Athens! I came across a store called Marcame Shop that sold alot of olive oil soaps with different scents such as lavender, aloe vera, oranges, you name it. Plus you could buy an embroidered cloth sack for the soaps to go in! I bought a whole lot of soaps from this store for my friends and coworkers! The price was amazing around 2-3 euros each! The lady was very nice and helped me with my purchase. When I visit Athens again, I will definitely stop at this shop for my olive oil purchases.

olive oil soap macrame

So I hope if you ever get a chance to visit Greece, be sure to stop by these shops and pick up a few products or two for yourself and family and friends. My friends truly loved their gift and some even stated they were hoping I would bring back beauty products since they too know how the Greeks does it best when it comes to their skin! Thanks for reading!





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    These all sound amazing!!!

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      December 14, 2017 / 9:17 PM

      Thanks so much love! Yeah i love all the products!!


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