GPS Photo Locations

GPS Photo Locations

Hey friends! I am in the works of doing something new – leaving GPS links on beautiful photo locations that I discover. It will take some time for me to go back and add to this page and pull from other blog posts! But for now, click the link for GPS directions to the locations below!


  • CANYON LAKE BEACH TEXAS – Click here for directions to this part of Canyon Lake! About a 10 min rocky trek to get to the spot in my photo. When you get to the parking lot, click on this link for walking directions.

Canyon lake, TexasCanyon Lake Texas Island Travel Around the World Without a Passport


  • STILLHOUSE HOLLOW LAKE, TEXAS – Click here to get to this viewpoint. Stillhouse hollow lake texas Stillhouse hollow lake texas
  • THREE BLUE DOMES SANTORINI, GREECE – Click here to get to this jewelry store. Find this store sign and go down the small path towards to the sea to get this shot.

Santorini, Greece blue domes oiablue domes location oia santorni greece