Fashion X Dallas Noir ?

Fashion X Dallas Noir ?

Fashion X Dallas Noir

Hey everyone!! So glad this week is over! Today’s post I will be talking about Fashion X Dallas event that happened a couple of weeks ago! I had the privilege to attend Fashion X Dallas last fall which was a 3 day event! You can read about that event here. This year they had a completely different concept to try something new. It was Fashion X Noir! It was an All BLACK attire 1 night event! Very classy! What was also different was that for the most part it was standing only fashion event! This has to be my first time to attend a fashion event that was standing only. The VIP section had seats and there were a few tables near the runway too but for the rest we stood. Matt Swinney of Fashion X explained that this year they wanted more of a social feel than your typical fashion show where you are sitting down. I thought it was a cool idea!

The space that they had Fashion X Noir, Sixty Five Hundred, was quite big with many vendors and brands to meet and connect with! There were brands from designer handbags, to men’s shoes, ties, jewelry and women’s clothing and shoes as well! I definitely discovered a few good brands while I was there. Also there was a live DJ and open bars! Yes that is bars with an S! They had about 4 different bar stations with different premix drink options! The guests that attended were Real Housewives of Dallas cast member LeeAnne Locken & Celebrity Life Coach Steve Kemble who also attended last year so it was great to see them back! Steve Kemble is actual quite nice! I met him a couple of different occasions! Also host Dede McGuire with K104, Fox News anchor and Good Morning Texas host as well as some of my favorite influencers Hollie Youngblood & Christian Craven!

Photo Courtesy of Fashion X Dallas

Photo Courtesy of Fashion X Dallas

There were so many great designer’s this year and more clothes that I could actually see myself wearing or see other people wearing. I feel that when you go to a fashion show, it is great to see very unique pieces at times that are maybe out of this world, but also there should be a balance with seeing items that are actually wearable to the everyday person! This year I felt there was a great balance! Some of the designers included Project Runway star Amanda Valentine and Korto Momolo, Abi Ferrin returned to Fashion X this year and there was also, Silk Threads (ah-mazing), Vendals, Noha Raouf, Amberleaf and House of Cynthia to just to name of few.

So though Fashion X Noir was only one night, it still had the same concepts as last year- great designers and capsule collections. Capsule collections are featuring new designers and these deisgners feature just 3 looks from their collection-a capsule. You may think that designers who feature capsule collections are mediocre but they are not! Some of them have amazing pieces!!

I felt that each designer brought something different and unique. For mens line, I loved Don Morphy!! It was The Adjustment Bureau meets Madmen! Love the trench coat style as well as matching her set and kids set.

Another designer’s collection that was unique was Merocki! I loved the print and contemporary style. Very retro and kimda futuristic! My favorite line was Silk Threads which is the opening photo woth the long purplw dress and Project Runway star Korto Momolu! Her collection was definitely right up my alley with ruffles, details and chicness!



I definitely looking forward to next year’s Fashion X Dallas event and can’t wait to see what concept they would do then! 


Stay fresh & FIERCELY you!

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