Express Style Editor: Fall Sweaters & Faux Leather

Express Style Editor: Fall Sweaters & Faux Leather

Express Style Editor Fall Sweaters & Faux Leather

Hey fashion lovers! If you saw my exciting announcement yesterday, I am an Express Style Editor!!  Express has been a dream brand that I have always wanted to partner. So I am excited to partner on their new concept! So I will discuss what this all means as well as show you so cute fall sweaters and faux leather pants that you can shop for now!

Express Style Editor: Fall Sweaters & Faux Leather


Well in short, I am a brand ambassador for Express! I have been shopping at Express since my early teens. It was one of the few stores back in my time that carried long/tall sizes. I am very tall and skinny so they would have my tall size and length. So you can say I grew up with Express and love seeing how they involved. To this day, Express carries tall sizes which you can easily buy online vs in-store. You can also contact me via my storefront and I can put together an express look for you based on your personal style!!

In addition to being an ambassador, I will be curating different looks using Express collections. You know me, I love putting different styles and colors together so to standout. In addition, I love to restyle certain pieces for more looks. You don’t always need to buy new clothes but just restyle what you already have!


Also have my own storefront! Click HERE to check out looks I have already created! You can check out different collections that I have put together for the current season, trends and events! You know Express has something for every occasion. If you see something on my IG, it will also be shoppable on my feed as well!

The really good perk for shopping Express via my storefront (besides supporting your favorite influencer hehehe) is you get access to Express’ exclusive capsule collections called “Edition”. Edition cannot be shopped on the main Express site but just through my storefront. The capsule collection changes each month and I will feature it on my storefront to shop!

I cannot wait to share more looks with you all so be sure to follow me on Instagram so you know when new looks and new EDITION looks will drop!


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