Desert Style: 12 Fall Fashion Outfits to Rock

Desert Style: 12 Fall Fashion Outfits to Rock

Desert Style: 12 Fall Fashion Outfits to Rock

Hey fashionistas! I am excited to share with you all some of my favorite outfits this fall that I rocked during my recent trip to West Texas. Many of you loved my desert fall fashion outfits and I have links and photos of how I styled them. In general when I go on a trip, I put a lot of thought into what I am wearing in relation to the destination. I like to put together outfits that brings out the destination – pops of color in the desert and so forth. I feel that it enhances the travel experience. Here are 9 desert style fall fashion looks to rock in the desert mountain regions.

Desert Style: 12 Fall Fashion Outfits to Rock


One fall fashion trend that you must have when going to the desert is fringe. I feel like it is a signature piece that gives you that whole desert style look. During this trip, I rocked 2 fringe pieces both from the same place that was pretty affordable – $20 and below.  The first piece was a suede fringe jacket. This jacket was not heavy/thick but nice for semi crisp desert days. I love the the fringes along the front as well as on the arms. I wore a black tank top underneath with my super flare pants. I tied the top tassels near by neck together  to keep the fringe look the entire time.

My second fringe top was a fun tank top that can be styled in various ways. I rocked it with some white Bermuda shorts but looks great with jeans, midi skirt and even underneath a blazer. I love the feel when I walked it in. I am 5’11” so it was great length on me but if you are shorter it will be super long on you.  Both items are true to size but please note when it comes to online orders I always order a medium because of my tall frame. I need things a little longer for torso and arms o So I am wearing a medium on both. It fit great! I could get away with small but with the jacket the arms will be shorter.

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So I know what you thinking…sweaters and desert does not seem like a good combination. What you may not realize is the desert can be quiet cold. The very crisp mornings you will want a sweater. Not only is the temperature cooler, but you have to factor in the wind. There are no buildings to block the wind and depending on what side of the mountains you are in, you could be in direct path of the wind.

This sweater dress was perfect for crisp mornings and evenings. Love sleeve and midi length definitely kept me warm. I styled it with some cute gold toe booties and a white and gold belt. When it comes to sweater dresses, I prefer to add belt to give the piece structure. They are usually not slim fitting so it can fall kind of flat or straight. A belt gives you more shape. this dress comes in multiple colors and looks great with gold chain belts as well.

The wrap sweater was perfect for the days when we started our day later in the morning where it was cool but still kinda warm. I had a tank top underneath where it was easy to take this on and off. This sweater comes in multiple colors. I have also linked a wrap style sweater where it is permanently wrapped.

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My favorite fashion trend that is perfect for the fall is the puff sleeve trend. I own so many puff sleeve tops because it is so girly with all the frills. This puff sleeve blouse I love so much because not only is it puff sleeve but it is gigot sleeve too. Gigot is where the shoulders are puffed and rounded. I also love the lace details of this top too. It does not come with a tube top underneath so you will need to buy one separately.

This top comes in multiple colors, but I wanted white. I styled with some paperbag faux leather pants in brown. I thought white and brown colors together enhanced the desert style. These pants size fit well, but length was too short on me compared to how it will look on someone who is shorter than 5’11”. Using the same pair of pants, I also styled another desert look with a super cute one shoulder rose top. This top will be cute in the spring too. Simple yet elegant this top can add oomph to any pair jeans or bottoms. I styled it with a snake ring, snake earrings and a newspaper print bag all under $10. 

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One thing to make your outfits pop is adding certain textures, colors and accessories. Nothing adds more of a wow factor than adding a bold color to pop against the brown mountains and desert sand. My satin wrap maxi dress was just perfect and I got so many compliments on it. It is such a bold color and it really pop with the satin material. This was a great evening sunset dress I wore it when we were in Lajitas, Texas. The reddish mountains and beautiful sunset really made this dress shine. My blue handmade clay earrings you can purchase here. You can show her my photo and she can custom.make one for you! You can purchase my bag here.

Another satin piece that I wore was at the Monahans Sand dunes. As you know, I was going for the Moroccan look so this two piece lime green set was a perfect desert style. The scarf is technically a wrap tie top that I wore as a headscarf. I styled the wide leg pants with a white lace cami and gold statement belt.

Also anything shiny such as sequins or rhinestones really pops in the desert. My rhinestone yolk from last season was so beautiful at sunset. It really glistened in the desert. I also wore two maxi dresses too which I love long dresses. One was a bold red color and the other a dark pink/mauve both from the same online store which you can find here and comes in multiple colors.

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So I hope this post gives you so much desert mountain fashion inspiration. Please stay tuned because I will have the travel guides to the places we visited in these photos. Be sure to follow me on Instagram as well!



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