Dallas Hotel Dining – The Rosewood Mansion European Taste

Dallas Hotel Dining – The Rosewood Mansion European Taste

Dallas Hotel Dining – The Rosewood Mansion European Taste

Hey everyone! So I am so excited to be featuring another hotel in my newest series Dallas Hotel Dinings! As a quick recap, I have discovered that in Dallas, there are alot of hotels that have great restaurants inside of them that many people may not heard of or know that they are open to the public and not just to their hotel guests. Some misconceptions are that the hotel food quality or service is not as great or up to par as stand alone restaurants or that the food is much more expensive. That has not been the case at these restaurants I have been visiting in the Dallas area especially The Mansion Restaurant at the Rosewood Mansion on Turtle Creek. This beautiful hotel & restaurant is hidden gem that everyone should discover and visit. The location and decor is beautiful and food SUPERB! In this post, I will discuss all about our lovely brunch at this beautiful European style hotel and how wonderful “the experience” was too!



I was born and raised in the Dallas area all my life and I just love discovering new things about my city. One place I always heard about but never visited was The Rosewood Mansion on Turtle Creek. There is so much history at this hotel from the decor and the story that I never knew about before. Those of you who live in Dallas or know Dallas knows that the Turtle Creek area is in an upscale part of Uptown Dallas near Downtown Dallas. There are alot of nice homes and condos in the area, therefore I was always intimidated to ever visit the Rosewood Mansion. The word Mansion was just intimidating alone for me. But what I experience was the exact opposite of what I thought visiting the Mansion Restaurant would be like.

This warm and welcoming hotel and restaurant was so inviting and put me at ease. You did not have to look a certain way, dress a certain way or be a certain age to dine here or to get VIP treatment. Some people feel the Manson is for an older crowd. Some feel like it is for the rich or certain race. When I dined there twice, I saw a very mixed crowd – old, young, singles, families, black and white and mainly dressed quite casual and comfortable. There was no showy display of money as far as dress, which was always been my expectation if I were to visit. But it was not like that at all. It was very warm feeling and people at the restaurant and valet were very warm and nice as well.

Some cools fact of this exotic place is the Rosewood Mansion got its name because it was originally an actual mansion! Who knew!? In the 1920s it was constructed as a private residence – mansion on turtle creek. Then there was a fire that destroyed a good portion of the hotel and they decided to transform the place with more of a European flare. This european takes can be scene through the restaurant. The architecture is influenced by the 16th century Renaissance Italy. The interior deor was inspired by beautiful estates in Spain, Italy, England and France. There is also intricate details on the ceilings that adds a nice touch too. There are still originally parts of the Rosewood Mansion that was part of the original structure from back in the 20s such as the flooring, ceilings and other decor. Just beautiful! Later they transformed it into the this beautiful hotel and restaurant that you see today.



Where we enjoyed our wonderful brunch was in the veranda! This is my favorite part of the restaurant. There are different areas where you can sit such the main room where there is a cozy fire place, a private room called “The Library” where you can reserve it for special groups, the outdoor patio is great for a beautiful day and then there is the veranda. The veranda has much of a garden like European feel. On a sunny day, the like shines in just right hitting the art and decor just right as well. To start off, we got things going with their bottomless mimosas. It is not a brunch unless mimosas are involved, right?! They also have bloody mary too if you prefer. One of our servers Jimmy (love him) always made sure my mimosa level never got too low. “I have to keep you hydrated” he would jokingly say. Then came the “bread service”. I have to say eating at the Rosewood Mansion is not just eating a meal but it is having an experience. They made every part of the meal special. So most restaurants would just bring you a bread basket. but they came out with a display of an assortment of breads and they put it on your plate. The scones were SOOO good and addicting! I also loved their tomato basil bread too. I loved this idea of bread service because you don’t have a big basket of bread in the middle of the table and it kept your table clean and organized.

For my appetizer, I decided on their tortilla soup which is one of their popular items. I am a big soup person and so I decided to get that one and my husband ordered the Texas Greens salad. The presentation of the soup was pretty special. I had never been served soup like this before.  They brought me my bowl and it only had the chicken, tortilla strips and veggies divided and separated in the bowl but no liquids. Then our server poured from a silver pitcher then actual hot soup. I thought that was a cool way to present a bowl a soup. My husband loved his salad. I loved the way they displayed the salad in this very unique crescent like plate. One end the rim went from high to low. It was served with a vinaigrette dressing.


My husband ordered the Beef Filet Medallions which was really good too! I had a bite of his-so good. It came with fingerling potatoes, caramelized balsamic pearl onions, chimichurri. The sauce it came with was nice too. Both portions of our dishes was a nice size portion and did not leave us hungry at all. Please we got another round of bread service! More bread and scones? YES PLEASE!  We were actually quite full and were thinking about not doing a dessert or sharing just one. 


Overall the food and service was amazing! I cannot recommend eating here enough. I wish I had came here a long time ago because from the atmosphere to the food and the people, it really is a great hidden spot in Dallas to eat at. If you are not in to doing a meal, then just come to their chic bar which looks like something out of a scene in a movie. It is definitely a nice bar for both ladies and men. It feels like a bar that the Dos Equis guys drinks at. So definitely check out the The Mansion Restaurant at the Rosewood Mansion on Turtle Creek!
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