Dallas Hotel Dining: Fairmont Dallas Pyramid Restaurant

dallas hotel dining brunch fairmont dallas hotel pyramid restaurant

Dallas Hotel Dining: Fairmont Dallas Pyramid Restaurant

Hey Dallas! So I am excited to be starting a new series on the blog under the DFW Seats & Eats section of my blog. If you probably recalled, I initially called this section Dallas Seats & Eats, but because we are always eating in different parts of the metroplex, I have now changed it to DFW Seats & Eats. This section will be featuring different restaurants, cafes, shows or events that I attend or eat at in the metroplex. The main feature will be food related because I love to eat! One thing that I have learned is how many good restaurants there are that are inside hotels that get overlooked. So I am happy to say the new series I will be doing is the “Hotel Dining” series where I will be featuring restaurants inside of hotels. We had the wonderful experience of eating inside the beautiful Fairmont Dallas Hotel in Downtown Dallas at the Pyramid Restaurant. This post I will giving you all the deets on our Saturday afternoon brunch experience! Click here for link to dress.

Dallas Hotel Dining: Fairmont Dallas' Pyramid Restaurant Dallas Hotel Dining: Fairmont Dallas' Pyramid Restaurant



The Fairmont Dallas Hotel is located near Klyde Warren Park and the Arts District. Upon arrival, there is complimentary valet that is validated when eating at the Pyramid Restaurant. The exterior of the building is just as classy as the interior! Upon entering the hotel, I admired the upscale classy decor of the main entrance and bar. The bar is area is what you see first. The lighting and lounge areas were very welcoming. I could definitely see myself just coming for a small bite and drink at the bar especially since they have Happy Hour every day of the week! There are plenty of spots to sit at and it really did not feel that you were at a hotel because the check in reception area was a bit far off from the restaurant.

There were actually two entrances to get inside the Hotel and valet advised us which entrance to take to take you to the Pyramid Restaurant. The main dining of the restaurant was very chic as well. I loved the two wine bottle walls behind the clear glass. The restaurant is opened until 2pm where afterwards they prepare the restaurant for the dinner. The hostess, waiter and manager were very warm and greeted us. All gave us very good suggestions on what to try and information on the dishes.

 Dallas Hotel Dining: Fairmont Dallas' Pyramid Restaurant


During our Saturday visit, we got to order from their Brunch menu! They had a variety of options to satisfy anyone. I love bellinis and so we both ordered the peach bellini! I have to say this was the BEST bellini I have every tasted. It was crafted differently from other bellinis that I had tasted. Most people would make a bellini like a mimosa peach juice and champagne. But with this bellini I could taste more than just peaches. There were hints of citrus oranges which made this so refreshing. The quality of prosecco also made the difference too. Not all proseccos are created equal.

To start off with we had assorted breads and tortilla soup. You may think ok so what is the big deal about the bread. This bread was sooo addicting I think we ordered 2 more rounds. The bread was so flavorful and the crispy cracker like bread had an italian pizza like taste. As for the soup, that was the BEST tortilla soup I have ever had and I am a huge soup fanatic and picky with my soups. I definitely will be coming back just for the soup. My husband is not a big fan of soup and he even thought it was very good! I highly recommend it.



For brunch, I knew I wanted a salmon dish but undecided between of them. I went with the suggestion of our waiter who was very enthusiastic about the Smoked Salmon Florentine. This was an excellent choice! That smoked salmon was so good my husband kept eating mine. It was smoked to perfection with just the right about of salt too. One misconception about hotel food in particular restaurants in hotels is that the quality of the food is not as great as eating at stand alone restaurant. This was far from the case at the Pyramid Restaurant inside Fairmont Dallas Hotel. From my experience at most hotels the food has been top quality, which is why I am doing this hotel series to show which hotels in the metroplex has great restaurants inside their hotels. Another misconception is that food cost more than a stand alone restaurant which is not the case either. Usually it is about the same or even cheaper.

Now if you are staying at a lower class restaurant the quality of food may reflect that, but not at Fairmont Hotels. In regards to my poached eggs, they were really good topped on baby spinach and hash browns. Everything was so flavorful I really did not need the citrus Hollandaise sauce which also tasted good, but I liked how everything tasted without it. My husband was craving a bit of lunch and breakfast so the perfect choice was the steak and eggs! This was also very good. They cooked his steak just right medium well and it was tender and juicy, Some places can overcook the steak or lack flavor but it was not the case here.

Dallas Hotel Dining brunch Fairmont Dallas Pyramid Restaurant Dallas Hotel Dining brunch Fairmont Dallas Pyramid Restaurant Dallas Hotel Dining brunch Fairmont Dallas Pyramid Restaurant



The Pyramid Restaurant also has a nice dessert menu too! We were so stuffed, but knew we had to try Nana’s Blueberry pie that everyone was raving about! It was really good! It is prepared almost like a chicken pot pie in design, but of course it was a sweet blueberry pie. The blueberries were perfect in quality and taste. These were definitely not Walmart like blueberries that were mushy. They were not super sweet which gave a nice balance to the pie.

My favorite topping that they put on the pie was the homemade gelato! This gelato was very good and had a homemade taste! This gelato was actually an orange ginger gelato and I could just have bowl of that just by itself. Nothing about this dessert was overpowering but nice dessert to have to end a great meal. The size the pie was substantial. We could have shared it but I am glad we each got our own.

Dallas Hotel Dining brunch Fairmont Dallas Pyramid Restaurant Dallas Hotel Dining brunch Fairmont Dallas Pyramid Restaurant

So if you live in Dallas or visiting or even staying at the Fairmont Dallas Hotel, you definitely should stop by the Pyramid Restaurant because it is definitely a hidden gem that you should try! Stay tuned for my next restaurant I will be reviewing as part of my Hotel Dining series! Thanks for reading!


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