Cryo-X: What You Should Know About Cryotherapy

Cryo-X: What You Should Know About Cryotherapy

Cryo-X: What You Should Know About Cryotherapy

So summer is upon us which means we are all focus on our bodies and how we look! Taking care of my body has been my number one focus the last several months. I have been dealing with skin issues, inflammation, eczema, weight gain and cellulite. So I have not been too confident with my body lately especially since May is our annual summer trip which means beaches and bikinis! In addition, sometimes getting to the point of actually being able to go on vacation can be so stressful. However, there is a new therapy that has been very popular that has shown to help with weight loss, distressing and giving a boost to your health. It is called Cryotherapy and for those living in the Dallas/Fort Worth area Cryo-X provides this service! I will be reviewing over my experience of visiting both the Frisco & Grapevine locations.

Cryotherapy cryo-x 

The Cold Harf Facts – What is Cryotherapy?

I said BRRR! Its cold in here! So you may have seen all my instastories and was wondering what the heck is cryotherapy and why am I doing?? The prefix “Cryo” means producing cold. So when you have a cryotherapy treatment, you will be going in a cryosauna. When most people think of a sauna, they think they think hot and sweating but this is just the opposite. 

When doing a whole body treatment, a cryosauna uses liquid nitrogen which lowers your skin’s temperature to about 30 to 50 degrees Farenheit in a period of 2-3 minutes. The liquid nitrogen is used to make the chamber cold in form of a gas but the nitrogen actually does not touch your skin. So that is why you can go to -250 degrees without freezing to death. This is actually better than doing ice baths which can damage your skin over time too.

The treatments are safe and it is very popular amongst athletes and celebrities. This is because exposing your body to cold temperatures triggers your body to go into “survival mode”, which causes blood supply to flow to the most vital organs to relay more oxygen and nutrients. Skin vessels and capillaries undergo vasoconstriction (constricting of the blood vessels to keep the core body temperature from dropping), followed by vasodilation (expansion of vessels) after the treatment is over. Toxins and other stored deposits are flushed out of the layers of the skin and blood perfusion is improved after several treatments.

Cryotherapy cryo-x

Cryo-X Frisco Location

Cryotherapy cryo-x

Cryo-X Grapevine location


Cryotherapy Benefits

So what real benefits are there from putting your body through such cold temperatures. Well there are many benefits to whole body cryotherapy treatments. The cryosauna can boost the effects of workout, diet, massage and all kinds of therapeutic treatments.

Cold temperatures your body’s natural healing responses triggering the releases of your body’s own natural nutrients. Results are achieved faster and last longer due to putting your body is shock for a short period of time. The more frequent you go the better the results which is why I have been going everyday at Cryo-X Grapevine during my lunch break. It is really simple and quick and you are in and out of there in no time. Below are some of the reasons why people have cryotherapy treatments.


  • Pain Relief
  • Reduced inflammation
  • Increased Metabolism & Weight Loss
  • Reducing anxiety and depression
  • Improvement of eczema
  • Treating Migraine Headaches
  • Boosts Collagen


Many pro athletes have treatments done too for sports injuries & pain.. In fact when visiting the Frisco location, Mavericks player Satnam Singh Bhamara was getting his treatment done! He is pretty tall, but the chamber was able to accommodate his height. My personal reasons for doing this treatment is to lose a little bit of weight, clear up some skin issues and reduction of the appearance of cellulite.

A treatment of 2-3 minutes allows you to burn 500-800 calories! That is like a workout in itself. Plus the effects of the treatment does not stop when the cold air stops but continues for a few hours due to the increase of the metabolic rate in order to produce heat. So it is good to do it before a workout to get your metabolism off to a  reat start of even after to help with inflammation or pain that you experience from your workout. 

Putting your body under such cold temperatures also helps increase the cell renewal and boost collagen improving the skins’ resilience and reducing the appearance of cellulite and fatty deposits at the surface of the skin. I have had 4 treatments so far and I have to say that my cellulite has improved a bit and I lost 3 lbs! So I am happy with the results.

Cryotherapy cryo-x

Localized cryotherapy

Cryotherapy cryo-x

Also I do feel good after words too. Some people do cryotherapy anxiety. The treatment releases endorphins into the bloodstream, causing one to feel their mood increasing after a cryotherapy treatment. The endorphins interact with pain receptors reducing pain perception. If you have inflammation, this can also help because the cold is pulling blood away from your extremity to your core/vital organs to protect it causing a reduction in inflammation and pain and swelling.

Cryotheraphy also works great with acne on the face and body by doing “localized cryotherapy” (photos above) which is d applying direct cold air on certain airs of concern. Cryo-X also provides this service. they show you how to use it and you have 30 minutes to spot treat different areas in your own privacy which I liked. There may be areas that you would not want someone else to aka freezing your butt off for cellulite concerns. I had a few treatments done and I liked it. You have to check out the before and after photos here!

Cryotherapy cryo-x

Cryotherapy cryo-x


What to Expect during Cryotherapy Treatments?

The people at Cryo-X Grapevine and Frisco are super friendly and are dedicated in making sure you understand everything that is going on and that you are comfortable. You walk in and get checked in a most of the time you don’t have to even wait a second because the process if very simple: you get in, get naked, freeze for 3 minutes and then get dressed and you are done.

When you walk in, you go into a small room and you take off all jewelry, (bras if there is an underwire) and your clothes. You keep your underwear on. You get inside the chamber and there is a door bell in the chamber to alert them that you are ready to freeze. A member of Cryo-X is with you the entire time that you are freezing and they make small talk with you so that way you get you mind off the cold. Cryo-X has two rooms- one where it gradually gets cold and the other that is more intense where you go in and its freezing. I haven’t tried the intense machine yet but may try it out.

After getting undressed, you have to protect your extremities which are your hands and feet. They have special socks and gloves for you to where as well as house shoes. Once you are in, the temperature will slowly drop. The Frisco location you can see the temperature drop behind you. At the grapevine location, I usually ask where I am at and how much time is left. Hitting -200 is where you want to hit at minimum so your body goes into survival mode. If it gets too cold, you can open the door and end it. I usually open it a little bit to let some out and close it. I find that helps me stay in there longer and gives me a little bit of relief.

Cryotherapy cryo-x

So if you are curious about cryotherapy or have some concerns you want to address, definitely check out Cryo-X in Grapevine or Frisco! They have a happy hour special on Wednesdays where they do $10 freezes. Also they have other services such as their vitamin Drip Bar (IV) at the Frisco location only, compression therapy and oxygen aromatherapy. Happy Freezing!

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    Thank you for all the information about cryotherapy. I have been really curious about it for a while. That is really cool that the chamber can get to -250 degrees and you won’t freeze to death. It sounds like it could be really fun to try.

    • Cindy S.
      June 14, 2018 / 5:10 PM

      Thank you for your note! Glad you enjoyed it!


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