Summer Vibes: Ready or Knot Tie Front Tops

Summer Vibes: Ready or Knot Tie Front Tops

Summer Vibes: Ready or Knot Tie Front Tops

Hey fashionistas! So I have another “Summer Vibes” about another summer trend favorite of mine! If you have not checked out my tropical print trend post, you can check it out here. So the past seasons my favorite trend were ruffles and they still are which you can see my rock my latest ruffle in this post from earlier this year. But the bow/knot trend is my FAVORITE right now! If you shop online, some stores refer this style is a knotted tie front or bow tie but in essence they are both describing the same type if thing. When googling, you may have search both words. I love this style but it is very feminine to me! Nothing more girly than appearing that you are this little chic present! I looks like a bow that you would put on top of a gift box! I recently found the cutest two piece set that has this feature! In this look I am wearing only the top with skinny jeans that has a nice pop of color but it came with a white skirt. Knot tie front top is definitely a trend you should have in your wardrobe this season!

The knotted tie front top trend has been booming and there is not a single store you can find that does not carry a variation of this trend. What I have been seeing a lot is the actual look that you took two ends of your shirt and made a knot in the front or to the side. Another trend is the tie front crop top. This essentially is similar to the one I am wearing but sometimes this style shows a bit more cleavage because it covers the same amount of space as a bra. So it looks more bow-like. I love this version that I am rocking because it is the best of both worlds. It is an oversized knotted tie front as if you took two big pieces of your top and made bow. It is slightly cropped but covers more of your chest for a more modest look. I think this trend looks best with high waist pants versus low rise. I think when the pants can cover the belly button it looks more classy. In my opinion, when the belly button is exposed, it can kind of look like you were going for the hootchy look but that is just me. I love high waist pants because you can style them with just about anything and if you are self conscious about your mid section it is a great way to disguise it or draw attendtion away from it as well. Below I pulled some of the bow/knot tie front pieces that I found! From tops to jumpsuits, I am sure you can find a piece that works great with your own personal style.

Knot Tie Top Boutique


I hope this post gave you some more summer inspo! Let me know what you think about this trend! Love or hate it? Thanks for reading!


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  1. June 20, 2018 / 4:55 PM

    this is certainly a stunning outfit and inspiration for the summertime wear. i love the combination of colours and you are beautiful

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