The Best Tips to Get Beach Ready in 2 Weeks

The Best Tips to Get Beach Ready in 2 Weeks

The Best Tips to Get Beach Ready in 2 Weeks

Winter time means cold weather, sweaters, leggings and also VACATIONS! Winter is a common time for snow birds to leave their wintery climates and go somewhere warm and tropical. Many people like to go on cruises too which is something that my husband and I went on this month in December for the first time! I never been on cruise before and to be honest never cared to go on one because I am more of an explorer and love being on land. Check out my review of our 3 Day Cruise to the Bahamas and you can read about our 3 day stay in Miami that we did after our cruise! Since it is December, that means it has been about 3 months since summer and the warm weather which means the remnants of your beach/bikini summer bodies is all that is left. So I know what many people are thinking why is Cindy writing a post about getting fit, and weight loss – she is stick thin…WHAT BODY FAT?! Yes, I know I am smaller than most people but I have put on a lot of weight for me -even at one point 150lbs  earlier this year which just last year I was 135 lbs ish. I also started to get cellulite on my butt and thighs. There are a lot of misconceptions about being skinny/thin which I would encourage you to watch this comical YouTube video about skinny people. It gave me a good laugh but at the same time I have dealt with these types of comments and treatment my whole life. At times it can be hurtful because people believe that making fun or comments about skinny people is not just as offensive as making fun or comments about someone who is overweight. This post is how to get beach ready in two weeks minimizing cellulite and working on fitness.

Cellulite – Persistent subcutaneous fat causing dimpling of the skin, specially on women’s hips and thighs. Often caused by poor diet, slow metabolism, lack of physical activity, dehydration and hormone changes

I do have a big announce so be sure to read to the end! The purpose of me writing this post to talk a little bit about what I did to get bikini ready two weeks before my trip by doing 4 things  one of which I created myself. As a result….I lost 2 inches off my waist, an inch and half off my thighs and almost 5lbs! I had no intentions on doing a blog post on this – this was something I was doing for me because I did like how my body is now. I use to be a dancer and choreographer and had abs of steal, calf and quad muscles and pretty much weighed 125 -130lbs. I was super skinny!

This summer during out trip to Italy, I noticed how much cellulite I was starting have visibly and how my body was changing with the weight gain. I don’t gain weight in my arms which is why I look stick thin and most people are surprised with how much I really weigh. Blogging is currently a side hobby . I actually work full time in an office where lately for the past several months my work days have been 9-11 hours a day. I get home late and so exhausted that I really don’t have energy to work out even when I really want to go. So it was about 3 weeks before my trip where I decided that I must do something to get toned and ready to be in a swimsuit. I really was and am very self conscious on how my body looks.

“One must maintain a little bit of Summer even in the middle of Winter!” ~ Henry David Thoreau


As I mentioned, this post was a spontaneous idea that I had after I began my routine. I regrettably did not take before photos but I did do before measurements. My waist was 29 inches, left thigh 21 inches, right thigh 22 inches and I weighed 145lbs. After the two weeks, my waist was 27 inches, left thigh 20 inches and right thigh 20.5 inches and I weighed 141 lbs! I do not claim to be a fitness expert or guru, but I wanted to share with you what helped me!


Pepsi, Coca Cola, Sprite and Fanta have been my best friend these past few months working late at my secular job. I have increased my intake of sodas lately, which I figured it was contributing to my potbelly that I could never seem to get rid of. Yes, you are saying ‘but in your blog photos, I can’t see any pooch?!’ Well that I because I was sucking in my stomach in my shoots! L  In the morning when I wake up, I always had a little pooch. I was doing alot of sit ups but my abs were not coming through. So for the two weeks beginning December 1st, I quit sodas altogether cold turkey. I drank more water and for a caffeine/sweet substitute, I drank ginger tea and Powerade.


Yep, those Whataburgers were doing a number on my stomach and probably was contributing to my cellulite too. So I cut those off cold turkey for two weeks too. I did actually feel better and less bloated once I stopped. I made sure I cooked extra food at dinner to bring to work and ate more fruits like oranges.


You weren’t actually thinking that you could get bikini ready without exercising now did you!? Yes, it is true There is no substitute for exercising. If you don’t have time to do it, MAKE time to do it! With my schedule I knew that I had to make myself do it no matter how tired I was. That sore feeling after working out actually gave me more motivation to keep pushing through. Most of my exercises can be done at home such as squats, lunges and various of ab crunches. However, I made sure I did a minimum 20 minute cardio work out along with it 3-4 times a  week.


We all seen the ads on the internet, TV, cars and magazines about body wraps! Does it really work?? Well I truly believe it does and you do not need to go to a spa and pend $200 to get it done. You can make one right at home. I read and read and researched all the different body wraps and information on body wraps that I could find to come up with my own version of the body wrap that helped me. It is not about going to Krogers or Walmart and buying a bunch of stuff.  It is all about quality. I decided on 4 ingredients that I felt will target both cellulite and weight loss. All of my products but one I bought at Sprouts and they were 100% organic. The other I bought off of Amazon. Body wraps only work if you use the best stuff that I great in quality.

So what products did you use….what kind of workouts did you do to get bikini ready?????



And for the BIG Announcement…

I am very excited to announce that I  will be launching my very own downloadble e-book that will give you all the details on how to  get beach ready in less than a month! This has been  something that I have been wanting to do before I began blogging but kept putting it off since I never had time to workout myself. I developed my own workout routine some time ago where I got toned in less than 1 month and so many of my friends wanted more info. This is a photo of the results of the routine I did. I concentrated on abs and lower area. Again I don’t gain weight in my arms for some reason. What I am working on is a mini e-book to combine what I did in this photo with what  I did in the 2 weeks to give you a really good workout plan to get  so you can feel confident in your skin! Details will be coming soon, so please subscribe to my blog for updates and announcements. I am hoping everything will be complete by early spring!

 Leave a comment below and let me know think about this e-book I am launching or what are your personal body concerns! 



  1. December 26, 2016 / 4:33 PM

    I agree that the pounds can creep up and you are the judge of what feels right for you – not other people! I commend you on your successful effort and on the launch of your e-book! That’s major!

  2. Debora Mateus
    December 27, 2016 / 12:20 PM

    Brava Cindy se toglie tutte le schifezze che mangiamo i chili li perdiamo e come!!!Anche se vedendoti cosi esile no avrei mai detto…brava brava

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