6 Things You Should Buy to Boost Your Immune System

6 Things You Should Buy to Boost Your Immune System

6 Things You Should Buy to Boost Your Immune System

Hey fam! So we are definitely living in interesting times right now. Coronavirus has made it to the United States and number of cases are skyrocketing. During this sense of panic, stores are becoming empty with food items and supplies to last until this pandemic dies down. Toilet paper, hand wipes, rice, beans, can goods are all sold out everywhere. But there are things that are surprisingly still fully in stocked that people are not buying and should. I will discuss what 6 things you should buy now to boost your immune system.



First, what is an immune system? This is the body’s defense system to fight off illness which keeps you healthy. If you have weak immune system to do disease or unhealthy lifestyle, you are susceptible in getting sick often.

Boosting your immune system before flu season or before you catch a disease like Coronavirus can help you fight it off better if anything help you not catch it in the first place. Its been over 10 years that I caught the flu and during this 10 year period I never gotten the flu shot either.

The Coronavirus is different because its a brand new virus with NO CURE OR VACCINE!!! This something I think people really need to understand. This isn’t the flu where you can give some antibiotics and be fine. Research has been underway for months for a vaccine. Once one is found, then it goes through a trial phase to test it out(side effects etc). Once that’s done, they have to make MILLIONS of it.

So it could be awhile before medicine comes which means we should do our best to stay healthy now. Eating can food, rice and having toilet paper is not going to help. But the following items will and no one is buying them.


I was in Walmart this week and was shocked to see the yogurt aisle completely full and stocked and seemed untouched. Yogurt is good for your immune system because it has probiotics which is good bacteria for your digestive system. I personally like Activa Yogurts and got the one with Fiber too. This package is strawberry and pineapple and its really good!

Then there are the mini yogurt drinks next to the yogurts that you might have seen. These are shots of probiotics which are filled with billions of live probiotics that is great for your health. I use to be nervous about trying them but its just a milky version of yogurt-fruity and sweet and plenty on the shelves!


Ok so as I said we are buying a supply of beans, rice and other canned items due to its shelf life, but there is plenty of supply of fruits and vegetables. Canned fruits and vegetables will never have the same nutritional value as fresh produce. Also the can goods is your backup supply and not to be consumed now.

Fill your body will fresh fruits and vegetables that are packed in Vitamin A, C, D, calcium and other minerals that are good for your overall health and immune system. Yes produce will spoil and does not have a long shelf life, but eat fresh produce now to build up that immune system before having to go into your quarantine supply…which some of you already began eating… you know who you are! Lol


Vitamin C is the most popular immune system fighting Vitamin you can take. And yes…people flock and bought out Emergen-C and Airborne already. But to get a better potent form of Vitamin C is to get “buffered” Vitamin C in a powder form.

I first learned about this form of Vitamin when I got really sick in 2018. Someone told me that their surgeon recommended buffered Vitamin C before and after surgery to help speed up the healing process. This particular brand is very good with high ratings. I am on my 2nd bottle too (green bottle in photo above).

This clear and tasteless powder you can mix it in water oe juice and drink it. A disclaimer that you should know is that it will make you gassy for about 30min afterwards. Get ready to toot! Lol It is like fizzy drink so the bubbles make you gassy. recommend.



Teas are not only tasty to enjoy but good for you too. There are some good natural teas that you should have in touch that does your body a great benefit. Green Tea has a lot of great benefits. Not only is it caffeine free but is a great antioxidant.

One laboratory study suggested that a particular type of polyphenols called catechins may kill influenza viruses. To maximize benefits and minimize bitterness, use just-below-boiling water and steep green tea no more than a minute or two. A little lemon and honey can also help blunt the bitterness. But don’t add milk, because the proteins will make them ineffective.

Chamomile tea is also another good tea to consume. Not only is it popular for it calming effect but it is also a powerful antioxidant. and reduces inflammation which is an immune system reaction to fight infection. Long term inflammation is not good. So if you can reduce inflammation then your immune system is not being over worked as hard and continue to strengthen itself.


So if you are already taking a multivitamin that is create but here is the importance of taking one in addition to any other vitamin supplements. One go into an era of using our quarantine supply, the nutritional value to the foods we are consuming may not be as great. making sure you are getting your daily vitamins now and then is important for good health.

I love MyKind Organics multivitamin gummies. I am bad about taking multivitamins but this veggie gummies is all vegetable based and the best gummies on the market. Even the substance that makes the gummies gummy is vegetable base too allow your body to full absorb the vitamin vs a hard pill which all may not dissolve.

Vitamin D is also important supplement to get especially if you are prone in being deficient like me. Not being outside for long period does not allow you to get the sun’s Vitamin D.


Yes there is no excuse is stopping your workout routine especially now. Being active may be the last thing on your mind since you may be stuck at home but you have to be active to stay healthy  as well. Being dormant cases constipation amongst other health problems such as chlorestoral. Get off the couch and get moving.

There are soo many online fitness classes you can take for free to get motivated. Also social media groups and IG Live sessions with fitness gurus. You can also find fitness sessions on Roku channels too.

One thing that no one is buying are things to allow you to work at home such as fitness mats, barbells, weights and resistance bands!  If you have kids, make it a daily fun time to get the whole family up and moving too.


I hope these suggestions helps you stay healthy! Let me know if there is something else that should be on the list that you are doing!



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