5 Best Wineries to Visit in North Texas Wine Country

Fortunata Winery Best Wineries to Visit in North Texas Wine Country

5 Best Wineries to Visit in North Texas Wine Country

So as you all know, I love to take every opportunity to travel and go on vacation. I work full time so I cannot just jet set to another country or set. However, I do like to find ways to have a “vacation” within driving distance of my town. Earlier this year, I discovered a hidden gem in North Texas. A Tuscan like villa and winery which you can read here! It made us feel like we were truly on a vacation though we were only about 50 min away from home. From there, I discovered other nice wineries in North Texas that you can visit without the 4 hour drive south to Fredericksburg or fly out to California. Today I am discussing my top 5 in North Texas!


We traveled about an hour and half north of DFW to Muenster, TX a small Germantown know for their German sausage. What you will also  find in Muenster is a cute little winery and vineyard tucked away called 4R Ranch & Winery. This winery is set up on a hilltop in Muenster and has beautiful green views of the small hills, grass and windmills.

AT 4R Wines, you are only about a 15 minute drive from Oklahoma. The drive to the actual entrance was quite nice and pleasant with the passing of the big vineyard and guest house. This winery is only about 3 years old and has a beautiful set up. You can choose your wine tasting indoors or outdoors.

We chose our wine tasting outdoors where there was live music and a gorgeous view. The wines here was quite good! We pretty much loved all the wines we tasted especially their award winning dessert wine. I loved this winery because you had the option to do the tasting outdoors. When you go to tastings in Fredericksburg, they want the tasting down inside the building.

It was nice to get flight of all the tastings with a brochure of the tastings so you can enjoy and conversate at your own leisure without being disturbed too much. They did come by speak to us about the wines to see what we liked which was nice as well and answered our questions we had about the winery too. We also ordered their meat and cheese boards which was a nice combination with the wines we tasted. We will definitely be back again.


After visiting 4R Wine, we drove 10 minutes to reach Blue Ostrich Winery & Vineyard ! This place had a beautiful set up as well! They had both outdoor and indoor seating where the outdoor area was covered and could be enclosed with a beautiful view of their vineyard.

If you followed my on Instagram I created a new word: Tuscany + Texas = Texcany. This spot was not quite Tuscany but not quite Texas but still gave me that international feel. #ForeignFreshintheUS. It was very picturesque here and even my husband did not want to leave but wanted to stay and enjoy the scenery.

Blue Ostrich Winery Vineyard North Texas Wine Country

We saw the most beautiful sunset here as well! Fiery orange and red sunset against the green pasture and hills. What is also cool is there are real ostriches on the property that you can see. They are in a separate fenced area next to the vineyard. I never seen a real ostrich up close before but there are two to see.

Because we visited 10 minutes before closing and the sunset was so gorgeous we did not get to drink any of the wines (I borrowed a wine glass for the photo op). But 4 other people that we saw who came from another winery said they loved theirs the best. So we will definitely come back and try their wines as well and update this post with our thoughts!


We also visited a couple of wineries on the Northeast side of the metroplex one of which was Caudalie Crest Winery! This winery also referred to as Goats & Grapes is located near McKinney in Celina, TX. The owners are super sweet and are originally from England. They actually live on the site so when you pull up you are entering also there ranch. They have goats and horses and of course a beautiful vineyard. I enjoyed getting to know them and their history and how they got into the wine making business.

They first asked us what time of wines we typically drink. For us we are on the sweeter side but not super sweet and we love sparkling wines but we were open to try new things because we have discovered there are other wine types we ended up liking. So we first tried their rose. It was not too sweet or too dry but just perfect!

We paired this wine with their large meat and cheese board. We had not eaten lunch so we got the large versus the small plate. It was just perfect! We loved the assortment of meat, cheeses and fruit. It was one of the best boards we had with the wineries we had visited. Their goat cheese was very good and their local jalepeno jam.

We then continued the tasting indoors in their tasting room which was quite nice and cooler. The décor was great and it was a more intimate setting. We then tried their brand new Dolcetta wine. This was our favorite. In italian dolce means sweet and this was a great sweet red wine that I would recommend! We cannot wait to visit again.



After Caudalie, we visited Eden Hill Winery which was about 15 minute drive away. If you are looking for amote California, formal winery experience, then this would be the winery for you! Eden Hill is also located in Celina, TX.

The wine tasting here is more of a formal approach where you areseated at a white table cloth table where a waiter will come and pour your tastings ans tell you about the wine. We enjoyed this type of service too. We are indoors and there are actually two different buildings. One that you see when you first drive in are for wine club members and the other are non members or guests.

One thing that I loved about Eden Hill was a wine tasting was only $10 for flight of 5 wines. In Fredericksburg, you pay alot more like $20-30 for a tasting of 5-6. The wines we had was nice and our waiter made recommendations based off of our personal taste too.

With our last tasting, we enjoyed it in their vineyard that still had some grapes. Harvest season had already past but there were still a few left on the vines. Their vineyard is quite large and it was nice walking through them. I can only imagine how they looked full of beautiful grapes.



 Last but not least is one of our favorites – Fortunata Winery in Aubrey, TX just a little bit north of Denton. This was our very first winery we visited earlier this year and have already made trips back and I know manynof my followers have made trips here after I featured it – some living in Denton and Little Elm and never knew of its existence.

This place is definitely a hidden gem especially since they have tuscan style villas that makes great for a staycation too! Read my review of our stay here. The wine here was really good! We liked all 3 of the wines we tasted. Also this was our favorite meat and cheese board! My husband being Italian said it made him feel like he was back at home. An assortment of meats, cheeses, fruits and crackers. You can enjoy the wines indoor or outdoors but tastings are done indoors.

They have live music on the weekends and the evening time iy can ger very busy. There was live music in the inside next to the fire place when we did our staycarion. They also have wood fire pizza on Saturday nights too! You should definitely give them a visit.


Fortunata Winery North Texas WinesFortunata Winery - Wine Tasting in Aubrey Texas

I hope you enjoyed this post and found a cool spots to visit when you are looking something cool to do. No need to drive to Fredericksburg and fly to Napa. There are great wines and wineries right here in North Texas. If you are a winery and would like me to visit your place, please send me an email!


*The post was sponsored but all thoughts and feelings expressed are 100% my own.



  1. August 12, 2020 / 7:46 AM

    Gorgeous wineries!
    I am a former employee of Kiepersol and I am currently with Lost Oak Winery, south of Fort Worth about 20 minutes. We’d love to have you visit sometime!

    • Cindy S.
      August 14, 2020 / 11:01 PM

      Thank you so much Brooke! We will definitely give you a visit!



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