19 Facts About Me & 2019 Goals

19 Facts About Me & 2019 Goals

19 Facts About Me & 2019 Goals

Hello my wonderful followers! It is 2019 which means a new year and a chance to start new goals. This year I am very determined to reach goals that I set which means I am going to work extra hard and making changes in order to reach them. Being a blogger is not easy and definitely not glamorous. Sooo much work goes into everything that I do that I really don’t think most people truly understand that. I know I did not when I first started blogging. Though I am not where I thought I would be blogging entering year 3, I am determined to still get growing and bring awesome content.  In my first 2019 post, I would like to share 19 facts about me that you may not have known just so that way you can get to know me a bit more and for those who are new around here can also get to know me as well! Also I will be discussing a few of my 2019 goals. Photography credit Luisas Secret.

19 Facts About Me & 2019 Goals 19 Facts About Me & 2019 Goals 19 Facts About Me & 2019 Goals

One change that I want to make for 2019 is to really connect to you my followers more by posting more instastories on my everyday life. Don’t worry I am not going to post every waking minute of my life, but to be more on a personal level. I don’t really post consistently on Instastories unless on vacation or learning about a new product that I like, but I want to change that more. I still will be doing that, but also show the non glamorous side of things such as what I am cooking or eating or how I am feeling. I am an actual human being that has a life outside of blogging – a very busy one too. I never want to come across as a walking advertisement so adding more of my personal life I think would be nice to see.

19 Facts About Me & 2019 Goals

I know I got a lot of dms from you guys loving when I speak Italian and my Italian followers have been asking me as well so they can understand what is going on. So you will see my go back and forth between the languages this year and seeing both languages in some IG posts as well. My husband does not like to be in front of the camera, but you may see him make an appearance from time to time. Also my blogger babes will be making more of appearance. There are a lot of bloggers in my city that have been very supportive of me and we are always give each other feedback, tips and an ear to vent. 2018 things were so busy that we did not meet up as much as previous years, but that will be changing for 2019. So here are 19 facts about me that you may not have known.

19 Facts About Me & 2019 Goals 19 Facts About Me & 2019 Goals 19 Facts About Me & 2019 Goals


  1. I work full time! There are alot of bloggers who blog full time, but I am actually not one of them. I work full time as a relocation consultant for an oil company. So basically I help relocate this client’s employees all over the world.
  2. I love to dance! I have loved to dance ever since I was little. I would record every Michael Jackson performance or music award show and the teach the choreography to myself. I use to be part of a dance crew in Dallas and I choreographed. I danced hip-hop and jazz. One time a guy did not believe I was a hip-hop dancer and thought I looked more like a ballerina. So he challenged me to battle him. I showed up. Did my thing. He choked. Therefore I won! #YouGotServed. His excuse was the music was not good and asked me to join his crew. I declined. LOL
  3. I use to live in Italy! In 2010, I moved to Pescara, Italy and lived there with a friend for 3 months. It was the best experience of my life. I learned so much about myself and the american culture and how different we are from other cultures and how sometimes the way other cultures do things is better and more simpler.
  4. I have scoliosis! So I have bad scoliosis which is a curve of my spin. Mine is basically a backwards S. I am a forever patient at a chiropractic office. I am consistently needing to get adjusted for pain relieve. I am self conscious of my back which is why on beach vacations I would always wear long extensions so it is not as noticeable.
  5. I am an emotional person! I am a crier. I cry when I am very angry and frustrated, I am sensitive to other people’s feelings as well as my own. If I feel like I may have offended someone or if something that someone is going is bothering me, I won’t stop thinking about it until I say something. It eats away at me.
  6. I am self conscious! I have always been self conscious more in my 30s more than ever. A lot of things have happened/happening in my life and I feel less and less pretty. How I look physically to other people has been a stress.
  7. My eyes are dark brown! This may not been news to some, but my eyes are actually a normal dark brown. Piggy backing on the whole self conscious thing, when I turned 30 I basically went through a mini crisis and felt like I needed to change something about myself. Never going under the knife or anything, but I needed a change and so I began to wear color contacts. These contacts that wear I super natural looking that most people do not know that they are contacts. A lot of people who have seen my natural eyes prefer my big brown eyes, but for now I am sticking with my blue eyes.
  8. I am a perfectionist! Yes I like things to go a certain way. If I create or do something it is not how I envisioned it, I get frustrated. I do not consider myself an extreme perfectionist. Sometimes if it does not come out perfect then Im like oh well and move on. But I do take pride in what I do and so if my name is attached to it like to be sure its nice.
  9. I love to surprise people! Nothing makes me more happy then surprising my friends with a little gift. The idea of a surprise is so great. I have mailed surprise gifts overseas, done little parties and even to ask my bridesmaids to be in my wedding it was a mailed surprise.
  10. My favorite color is purple & green! Though I actually do not wear this color alot, these are in fact my favorite colors. My wedding colors were purple and it was always been my favorite color since I was little.              
  11. I can’t swim! Yes I am a statistic – a black person who cannot swim (my non black friends would say)! LOL I can swim a little but not in the deep end. For me, growing up is you get your hair done and get a relaxer or you go swimming. I wanted my hair done so I would go swimming but not get my hair wet. LOL In case you did not know, the chemicals put in our hair to keep it straight does not mix well with chlorine. It will damage our hair.
  12. My hair is natural! So I wear extensions, but my natural hair underneath is natural meaning no chemical relaxers or perms. Right when the natural hair journey boom kicked off, I stopped getting relaxers in 2010 and never got another one. I never wear my real hair because who knew natural hair was a hassle to deal with. My hair is actually a little passed my shoulders, but when you were 22 inch extensions for years, you feel naked wearing anything shorter.
  13. I love to entertain! I love doing dinner parties whenever I have time. I love details of decor and the meal and making drinks for my friends. If I did not work full time and had a bigger place, I would consistently have people over for meals.
  14. I have siblings! So I never posted any photos of my siblings on social media. I am not sure if they would want me to, but I have an older sister (4 yrs older) and a younger brother (7 yrs younger). They all live in my same city. I actually named my brother in the 1st grade after one of my best friends at the time.
  15. I love talking to people about the Bible! I love the Bible and learning about different things in the Bible. I often share encouraging thoughts from the Bible with people. One message I love to share is taken from Psalms 37:9-11, 29 and Proverbs 2: 21,22. that soon the earth thoroughly cleansed from all bad people and we will live on a beautiful paradise earth.
  16. My family is from the Democratic of Congo! I was born in Irving, TX but both of my parents are from Kinshasa, Congo in Africa. I have been there only once when I was 4 and remember some parts of it but not all. Most of relatives are either in Europe or in Canada and they speak French.
  17. I love making decorations! Before blogging, I was going to start a business to make wedding and party decorations. I wanted to be a party planner. I loved taking thrifty items and making it into something beautiful like I did for my wedding. Dollar Tree, Michael’s & Hobby Lobby were my best friends.
  18. My creative mind cannot be switched off! I love having a creative mind but once I start, it takes a looong time to turn it off. So when I get an idea of something whether it is is making decorations or a blog post idea or video. I have to work on it until it is completed or almost completed. 
  19. I love juice! If I find a really good juice, I could finish half gallon in a hour. I love the taste of juice, My husband has learned if buying Simply juices, to by 2 of them because one bottle will be done the same day or the next day if I pace myself.

So those were some facts about me! I would to hear from you! Do we have some facts that are in common? If you are not following me on Instagram, be sure to follow me so that way we can keep in contact. I love reading your comments!




  1. Felicia
    January 3, 2019 / 4:34 AM

    Thank you for sharing these facts about yourself. I feel I know you so much better. And number 15 has a special place in my heart as well ?

    • Cindy S.
      January 7, 2019 / 10:12 AM

      Awww thanks so much love for checking out my post! Yes #15 is quite special to me too!


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