Travel Essentials for International Travel

May 26, 2017

Travel Essentials for International Travel

Hey jetsetters!! So as you know we am officially traveling to Europe right now! We areso excited because we are visiting countries new for the first time! This is part 3 of my International Travel tip series! Be sure to check out part 1 and part 2! The quote below has several different meanings to this quote above, but I thought that it was fitting for this post because I will be discussing my Travel Essentials that I find useful when I travel. In this post I will be discussing my top travel essentials when traveling especially internationally!

“A Journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” ~ ancient Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu


1. Airport Swag 

Yes the above does describe me at the airport! Hahaha But there is a method to my madness! You should dress comfortable yet fashionable! You never know who you going to meet at the airport or what impression you may make to someone. Sometimes it pays to be memorable but in a good way. The best way to explain my reason is read here how an Airline held the plane for me on the runway! Our experiences of dressing nice when we travel has always reaped my benefits of experiencing things that we probably would not have if we were in sweats and velour pants.When flying international you usually arrive in the morning and cannot check in your hotel yet. So at least when you step off the plane, you are ready to sight-see, take photos looking fab too!

Airport Swag Tip: Denim jeggings are stretchy yet comfortable and are my go to jeans I wear on the plane. To save space and weight in my luggage I wear simple heels to the airport and pack socks and flip flips in my carry on.

2. Relaxing Tea –  Sometimes a nice warm tea can help you relax and fall asleep on the plane! Chamomile tea is a good one to try!

3 Noise Cancelling Headphones – These helps to drown out the noises on the plane. Listening to music helps me relax especially soft music if I want to go to sleep. I love my Turbo bluetooth headphones from SoundWhiz and they are small in size.

Sound whiz turbo

4. Travel size beauty products – Keep up your nightly beauty routine even on the plane. Go to Target or Walmart’s travel/trial section and buy a set of these empty containers and put your products in them to carry-on to brush teeth and do makeup. I usually try to do this before breakfast is served so you beat the rush to the bathroom which happens as people realize breakfast is about to be served. Also during final decent which is usually about 45 min to an hour before landing, you have to put tray tables up. It usually takes me longer to do my makeup on a plane.

5. Wash Cloth – Europeans do not understand the importance of this little bit of cloth is to Americans. You will not find these in hotels- perhaps in major chain hotels like Holiday Inn or Best Western. So don’t forget to pack a wash cloth or soap puff or sponge. If advise a puff or exfoliating cloth that can air dry really fast so you won’t travel with a wet cloth all the time.

6. Mirror Mirror– I always travel with my mirror!! This is my favorite mirror that I had for years and about $5. I love it because it fits in my makeup bag and no heavy. Always the handle is a stand that is very sturdy which i use to put on makeup on the plane. Another added plus is the mirror is two sided and one side is magnified!

7. Neck pillow & Eye mask – A neck pillow is a must when on a plane but I know many people feel that carrying on is just one extra thing to carry! I love my inflatable soft neck pillow! You inflate and deflate in seconds and it has a nice soft velvet touch. If you want more of a plush pillow, which we sometimes bring too, we love this one because you can snap the pillow in place in front.

Eye masks are great for the return home when you are traveling with the sun. From Europe to America it is never night. Though at one point that make everyone pull down the shades it is still not dark enough on the plane so an eye mask is great to bring along!

8. 360 Spinner Luggage – This in the best invention in the world!! The big hype about these luggages are the 4 (not two wheels) that roate take 360 degrees. So no dragging heavy luggages for you overpackers but you just can push it along!! I prefer the hard luggage because it keeps everything protected. Macys usually have this luggage on sale for $80 but regular price is $280!

9. Selfie stick – This is my favorite selfie stick because it has a 360 degree light that adjusts in intensity. Check out my video below. So whats a 360 light?? Well there is a shade that you turn and the light can be in your face or you can use it to light up something or someone you want to take a photo of in a dark setting! It is bluetooth enabled so you can take photos with a click of a button on the selfie stick. Great for couples who want shots of themselves and the background.

10. Sunglasses carrier – I have over 10 pairs of sunglasses and depending on what I am wearing I want to bring at least 5. This sunglasses carry is portable to protect and bring along more than one pair of sunnies! It comes in a 3 different colors and the one seen here I bought here but I also found this other carrier that holds 8 here on amazon. If you don’t want a carrier, sticking your sunnies inside your shoes help them stay protected.

11. Bubble wrap & tape – So one thing about me is I love bringing a lot gifts back for friends and family. In Italy it is usually limoncello and olive oil. Usually shops wrap them in newspaper as if that really protects them from breaking. I go to The Dollar Tree and buy a 6 foot roll of bubble wrap and roll of tape. I unroll it and put it at the bottom of my luggage and as I buy things i wrap them up. I use the mini scissors in our facial kit to cut the bubble wrap. This way you are not wrapping them in your clothes that you still may want to wear during the trip.

12. Luggage scale – This is definitely a must with international travel especially on foreign airlines. This small device weights your luggage so you can tell if it will be too heavy. It is pretty accurate and shows the measurement in both kilos and pounds. Also has a built in tape measure for measure bag dimensions. The photo is the one Ive been using for year.

13. Dryer Sheet – Simple to get rid of static out of dresses and keep clothes in luggage smelling fresh!

14. Hipknoties – Multiway garment to add versatility to your wardrobe. Think one fabric and over 30 outfits. See my full review here.

15. Cocktail Carryon Kit – Have you ever wished you could have a nice margarita, Moscow mule or bloody mary on a flight as a nice night cap? Well now you can! Check out this company’s FAA approved cocktail kit that you can carry on and make your own cocktails! Just order your alcohol on the plane and make your own cocktail! Simple as that!

Carry On Cocktail Kit


Thanks for checking out this post!! I hope all 3 travel posts helps you on your next trip!!

Stay fresh & FIERCELY you!

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