“A Little Ruffle Goes A Long Way!”

June 30, 2017

Ruffle top shein

“A Little Ruffle Goes A Long Way!”

Hello Fashionistas! I know it has been awhile since I have posted on my blog! It has been pretty busy since I have came back from my trip, but I have lots of blog posts in the works and I cannot wait to share them with you! So definitely stay tuned!

So it is officially summer – my favorite season! There are so many cute summer trends this year and one of them are RUFFLES!! I LOVE RUFFLES!! I think it so chic and super feminine some of the ruffle styles that have came out. Everyone women should have at least 1 piece of ruffles in their closet!! Ruffles are popping up everywhere from ruffle tops, dresses, pants- you name it! Below are a few of my favorites that you may love too!


This post I am talking about my two new favorite ruffle pieces! Bodysuits! I have ordered these two bodysuits from Shein which is a company based in China!

ruffle bodysuit

ruffle bodysuit

I know some people may be a bit uncomfortable ordering from Shein or other China based companies, but I have had a pretty good experience with Shein and continue to purchase from them.  Shein is a great places for trendy affordable fashions! They have some amazing pieces for all seasons too! Also they sometimes carry clothing and styles that I have not seen anywhere else such as these ruffle bodysuits. The quality of the bodysuits were very good! To be honest, sometimes quality can be hit or miss. I fortunately only experienced a bad quality item only 1 time from them. You have to remember for the prices to be that low, you cannot expect high end quality or Zara or Express but overall I am impressed with the quality.

ruffle bodysuitruffle bodysuit

ruffle bodysuit

ruffle bodysuitWith this bodysuit, you can dress them up or down! My husband loves these on me! Even when shooting these looks, people on the street gave me so many compliments and even cars were honking and gave me compliments from their cars! It is definitely a SHOWSTOPPER. The ruffle part stayed put and did not lose the ruffleness or laid flat even after the long trip to America plus staying in the package for an extra two weeks while we were on vacation. These bodysuits were suppose to be my Greece vacation outfits but due to the shipping and them changing their warehouse location there was a delay. I talk about shipping further down in this post.

ruffle bodysuitruffle bodysuit


As far as size, I always typically order a size medium to be on the safe size. I am usually a small in things but my initial experience is that the small can be a bit to small-at least for me because I am tall. I feel like their sizes are based off of small Asian body figures. So I always get a medium because I don’t want to waist time with returns. If it is too big I can also get it taken in a bit. The medium bodysuit fit just perfect for length and size. The white bodysuit snaps at the crotch and the black on is just a slip in but there is a zipper at the side so it is easy to get in and out of. The bodysuits suits come in solid black, white, black/white, white/black and red/white!

You should definitely get you a piece or two because it looks good with everything from shorts, to pants to skirts! The bow heels I am wearing you can find here! Also the green skirt  I received many compliments which is long enough even for me and I am wearing 3-4 inches heels. You can find here on Shein’s website too. The shorts in this photo have sold out, but here are some similar lace trim shorts here, here and here. My ball earrings you can find here or here which are more affordable. I added the gold ankelet to my foot and it made my simple white heels look extra fancy! You can get 105 off your order of this 2n1 hand/foot jewelry by using FFFIERCE10!

ruffle bodysuit

footless sandals
2n1 Ankelet/bracelet from The Jlry Shop – Use code FFFIERCE10 for 10% off your order


  1. Read the reviews! If there are reviews, definitely read them and look at the photos so you can determine fit, quality and color. Sometimes the color could be slightly off.
  2. Size – Measure yourself and compare it to their size chart! Don’t think because you are a size small in US that a small on there site will be the same. As I mentioned, I feel the sizes are based off of Asian bodies and not Americans
  3. Shipping – It can take awhile. If you see something that you want and it has a mini shipping truck with the little L in the middle of it, this means it is a product that readily available and couple be at one of their warehouses in the United States. Those can get to you faster but if your other items do not have the truck then the entire order will have wait for that item to be ready before shipping out the rest
  4. Expedited Shipping – Something I just learned from my recent purchase with Shein for my trip to Greece is that expedited shipping is expedited but it is still FEDEX Ground services that technically goes through the USPS post office. When I called FEDEX about my order, they explained that they service that was used was one of their slower services and goes through the US postal services. I did not have to wait 30 days to get my order, but I got it in about 10 days. I ordered it on May 19th and it was delivered on the 30th.

ruffle bodysuitruffle bodysuitruffle bodysuitThanks for reading and let me know what your favorite summer trend is by leaving me a comment below!  



Stay fresh & FIERCELY you!

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    These two different ruffles dress are looking so beautiful i like the design style. such a beautiful dress i never seen before these dress absolutely this ruffle dress are long away.

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