“Purses are like Friends…you can never have too many!”

July 18, 2016

“Purses are like Friends…you can never have too many!” ~ unknown

Oh how this quote is so true! A girl can never have too many purses… this includes me too! So I received this cute mini tote from 88 Handbags! If you have not heard of them before, you definitely want to go and check them out online especially since they have an awesome sale going on where you can save up to 75% off! So what makes 88 Handbags so special??


Well all of the handbags that they sell are vegan leather! What is vegan leather you might ask? The short and simple response is that it is faux leather! A more in depth response is that vegan leather mean that they do not use any animal products to make their bags. Think of it as a more animal friendly alternative to real leather. Their handbags are actually PETA approved vegan leather!



The founder of 88 Handbags is a devote vegetarian and believes that “the environment would benefit from the reduction of factory farming.” There are different ways to construct vegan leather. One type that some may find is Polyvinylchloride or PVC for short. This material is animal friendly, but bad for the environment.  

88 Handbags has taken in consideration all the different types of vegan leather material out there and they prefer to us Polyurethane or PU because not only is it animal friendly, but also good or the environment. Even though PU is a more expensive material, they only use PU in their bags! They care about the environment and this is something that makes them special. Sometimes it is not about profit in the sense some company wants the cheapest product out their and not take in consideration certain things such as our environment.



So what vegan leather purse did I choose to receive?!? This cute mini tote is called Avis Mini Tote Crossbody! It’s a pretty pink croc style tote! When I received it, I was very impressed with the quality and how sturdy it is! I prefer purses that can stand on their own when sitting up! It fits all my basic essentials such as my small wallet, lotion, keys, cellphone and my makeup pouch.


It has a strap so you can easily be hands-free or you can comfortable carry it in the crease of your elbow. The bag is light weight so I never had any problems with comfort. 88 Handbags has various of styles too. The carry in different colors and styles satchels, crossbodys, clutches, wallets, totes, backpacks and hobos! They have a few crossbodys that resemble the Chanel crossbody bags too! So you will get the same trendy style but for less and environment and animal friendly.



I really happy with my bag and I know you will too! Thank you so much for my new mini tote! I love it! Go check them out while they have this awesome sale where some bags are on sale for only $19.99! And as always….


Stay fresh + FIERCELY you!

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  1. Reply


    That purse is so cute! And those shoes are hot!
    xo Jessica

    1. Reply

      Cindy Cinzia

      Thanks so much for the love Jessica!!


  2. Reply


    This is a great bag, and I love that no animals were harmed. I haven’t heard of 88 before, but I am looking forward to heading to their website and checking out the sale!


    1. Reply

      Cindy Cinzia

      Yes, i thought that it was cool that they care both about the environment and animals!!


  3. Reply


    LOVE that bag so much!! Need those shoes too! Looking fab babe!

    1. Reply

      Cindy Cinzia

      Thanks so much for love! Yes, you got to get yourself a bag!!



  4. Reply


    looking good girl!! love the handbag and those heels too!!

    1. Reply

      Cindy Cinzia

      Thanks so much for the love! The handbag is awesome!


  5. Reply

    sarah lindner

    Loving those heels! Looking fierce babe!

  6. Reply

    Jennifer Gilmore

    The perfect summer bag! Or even great for date night. Thanks for introducing me to 88 handbags.

  7. Reply


    That purse is so cute and I love the color of it. Also loving your outfit especially those shoes!!! Xoxo

  8. Reply

    Kandja Sylla

    I love the quote! Something I’ll tell to myself whenever I buy a new purse lol! I can say that this bag is not just pretty but also animal and environment friendly (another good reason for me to but this). Looking gorgeous Cindy especially in those heels.xx


  9. Reply

    Audrey Conceicao

    Your looks are always so colorful! You are seriously my color idol! I love that bag and those shoes, simply fabulous <3

  10. Reply

    Abby Chabra

    Girl, you look so fab! I love that the purse is animal & environment friendly, too!!

    Abby xx

  11. Reply

    Lauren B.

    your post title reminds me of Laguna Beach when they compared boys to handbags. But I completely agree with you, LOVE a good new bag!
    xx, Lauren {www.rosesandrainboots.com}

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