Dressing Room Diaries #NSALE Edition

July 13, 2017

Dressing Room Diaries – NSALE Edition

Hey everyone!! 1…2…3 SHOP!!! Here is the special edition of Dressing Room Diairies!! These are all my favorite items that I have tried on and/or bought that are my absolute FAVORITE!!! The first 5 items I feel will SELL OUT FAST due to popularity and how the store I was at had left!! 

Please note I am updating this as I link each item to my photos. So continue to refresh this page because I am literally adding as I go!!

 👉If you don’t have Early Sale Access, just click the link to the items on my blog and bookmark the link so you can purchase it next week when the sale goes public!!

Nordstrom anniversary sale
*Metallic Jacket $89 instead of $129, lace cami $22 instead of $35, skinny crop jeans $38 instead of 59! *Black Velvet jacket $125 instead of $189, lace cami $22 instead of $35, Super soft destroyed pants $38 instead of $89!


Nordstrom anniversary sale
These 4 will sell out!! All items come in multiple colors


Nordstrom anniversary sale
Multiple colors available with all! *link issues with 4 top! Check back and I will update later today


Nordstrom Anniversary sale


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