Winter Fashion: The Bold & The Beautiful

November 18, 2017

The Bold & The Beautiful ~ Rosegal

Hey ladies!! So fall is well here and winter is also coming around the corner!! As I had mentioned in a post last year how I stay my colorful self year round long. As you can see this year, I have kept that same pattern as this year especially with this teal satin duster. When people think of fall, they think you can only wear fall, neutral colors like reds, oranges, browns and beiges. I feel that wearing these colors all the time is dull. There is actually not a set rule that says you can’t wear bright bold colors in the Fall/Winter season. I think adding a pop of color to your fall wardrobe gives it an extra oomph and this is whether the bold color is an accessory such as shoes or a clutch or the main piece of your outfit itself. With this look I’m featuring, I decided to do both! Photography is credited to Luisa’s Secrets!

Teal satin duster


Teal satin duster

This bright teal satin duster is absolutely beautiful and a showstopper. Depending on the lighting and time of the day, it can look like a sapphire blue or deep teal green color. I got the duster from Rosegal which is an online shop that I had bought from in the past with no issues. When I received this piece, it was exactly as it was pictured (please note the lighting from shooting in sunlight makes the color look off). The quality is good for this $15 purchase and it is pretty long on me and I am 5’11”.

I wore the duster with many accessories including my favorite a metal belt. Metal belts turns ANY outfit up a notch. Also a purple mini crossbody bag that I also got from Rosegal. I get sooo many compliments on this bag. I feel that combining both of these bold colors together really gives this a classy uber chic look and feel without it being overpowering.  The material is very soft-I can’t quite put my finger on what material it actually is-like a soft leather but almost cloth like, but it is sturdy and holds it shape. This clutch does come in many other colors including a green one that I would like to get as well. You can shop each piece of my outfit directly by clicking on the image below.


Teal satin duster

Overall I am pretty stastified with my purchase from Rosegal! Shipping is not too bad. It arrived in about a couple of weeks. I also got a ruffle bodysuit which fit me great and I have worn it a few times already. Definitely check out Rosegal and perhaps you may find some cute pieces to be Bold and Beautiful too!

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Stay fresh & FIERCELY you!

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